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Rockabilly Fools Tennessee & Texas

When I started this page, I really didn't know that much of the Magnetics, only that I have all of their recordings and they are absolutely great. The female vocalist Ravenna du Mane (real name Freda Johnson) has a superb rockin' voice and the backing band really rocks you on. Freda Johnson died of a brain aneurism in June of '96 at the age of 42.

The Magnetics were a band based in Seattle in the late seventies and early eighties. All of their songs were recorded in Rockin' Ronny Weiser's famous  California based Rollin' Rock Studio (now moved to Las Vegas). Besides the fact that the Magnetics produced some of the best revival rockabilly, I also think that the cover design of "Tennessee & Texas" is something special. I've had this LP in my collection for about 20 years now and I still feel that this is an album cover that says it all...

 Founding member Jeff Poskin's reminiscing

Long Play Albums:
Rockabilly Fools
- Rollin' Rock LP025, Also issued on K-Tel (Finland)
and RCA (Spain)
Rockabilly Fools - Rollin' Rock/Rondelet ABOUT 1001
(with 2 bonus tracks Mean Mean Man/Mean Little Mama)
Tennessee & Texas - Rollin' Rock/Rondelet ABOUT 1008, Also issued
in France on Barclay and on the Blues & Rock Project label in Italy

45 rpm Singles:
Mean Mean Man/Mean Little Mama
- Rollin' Rock 45-050
Rockabilly Fool/Good Love - K-Tel/Rollin' Rock RRS 1025
Mean Mean Man/Mean Little Mama - Rondelet Round 1001
Feel So Good/6918 Peach Avenue - Rondelet Round 1007

Rollin' Rock Got The Sock - Volume 1
Tracks: The Turning Tide
Rollin' Rock Got The Sock - Volume 2
Tracks: Rock Around with Ollie Vee / Tennessee and Texas
Rollin' Rock - L'Authentique Rockabilly
(Barclay), 10",  France
Tracks: Bound to The Sound / I Like Your Kinda Love
Rockabilly Music: The Rose of Love
(HEP), Netherlands 1981
Tracks: Feel so good / The Turning Tide

Tracklisting "Rockabilly Fools" (1980)
Bound To The Sound / Rockabilly Fool / Waterproof Love / I Like Your Kinda Love / Hypnotized / Headaches & Heartaches / Rock Around With Ollie Vee / Bang Bang / Willin' & Ready / Good Love / Hot Pink Cowboy Boots / Changing All Those Changes / I Need Your Love / Swamp Sally

Tracklisting "Tennesee & Texas" (1981)
Tennessee & Texas / Find My Baby for Me / The Turning Tide / Surefire Shaker / Lonely Weekends / Waitin' To Come Back / I Never Lie / Nite Owl / Feel So Good / Baby That's All Right / 6918 Peach / Vibrate

Band members:
Freda Johnson - Vocals
Tom Berghan - Guitars
Jeff Poskin - Guitar
Arne Leinonen - Drums
Steve Grindle - Bass
Roger Wark - Vocals
Tom Savornich - Drums
Richard Hogan - Piano
Darnell Kellman - Saxes
Dan Sullivan - Slap bass
Bob Connole - Drums
Al Kaatz - Guitar
John Seaburg - Bass
Steve Flynn - Piano
Greg Keplinger - Drums
Paul Diffin - Bass

Jeff Poskin's Remininscing
Hi! A few weeks ago, I was vacationing in Seattle and visited a good pal of mine, Tom Berghan, and we spoke of our old band, The Magnetics. My name is Jeff Poskin (Jumpin' Jeff Poskin, the guy in the pink and black suit with the Gretsch guitar on the "Rockabilly Fools" album). For a long time now I've used the name "J J Holiday". I did a web search for the Magnetics and found your site... WOW!!! I am amazed that anyone noticed us. Thanks! Tom and I started the Rockabilly band called The Magnetics along with Arne Leinonen and Steve Grindle in Seattle about 1978 or '79. Tom had previously been playing with a blues/jump band called "Micky Martin and the Magnetics" and we used the same name. Originally it was just the 4 of us, soon Freda came in and really we were complete. The band was a very popular favorite in Seattle and the Northwest along with many new young bands at the time, it was all quite a scene! Before the first Ron Weiser album, as young bands sometimes do, Arne left the Magnetics. We recorded the album at Weiser's place here in Los Angeles, where I have lived since 1981. By the second Magnetics album Steve and I also left the Magnetics to form another successful rockabilly trio with Arne called the "88's". We moved to L.A. in 1981 and ended about 1984. At the time, I also played with several bands... Levi, Tupelo Chainsex, Jimmy and the Mustangs. The 88's made one independent 45rpm of which one side has been reissued on one of the "Saturday Night Rumble" collections. The song is called "Real Gone Over You". You'd have to ask Tom the details of what the next version of the Magnetics did at that point. I know they did one crazy tour of England and ended a few years later. Freda unfortunately died several years ago of a sudden aneurism. Very sad, very strange.

Imperial Crowns
Imperial Crowns at Moulin Blues, 2002 (right: Jeff Poskin)

I am a working musician living in Los Angeles. Currently, along with studio and much movie work as a guitarist and composer, I also perform in a band called the Sacred Hearts. We were the original House of Blues "houseband" on Sunset. We now back up Jim Belushi and Dan Akyroyd as the Blues Brothers across the U.S. throughout the year. I also have my own rockin' band called "The Imperial Crowns". It is my current band of passion. The Imperial Crowns were just in the Netherlands this year on our first tour for our first CD. We will be returning there again in late January-Feb 2003 with our new CD. We played the Moulin Blues Festival 2002, for example, and you can find reviews at their site. I am a fan of anybody who is also a Rockabilly and good music nut like me!

Founding members: Arne Leinonen played drums, standing up most of the time. He sometimes used the name "Tubs", like washtub. He lives here in LA. By the way the 88's song (Real Gone) that was reissued, is his and he is the singer on that. Steve Grindle played stand-up bass and was one of the first guys I knew to get that whole slapping thing down (the second time around). I don't know where he lives thse days. The band also featured Roger Wark (Rockin' Reuben) on vocals. There is a great recording floating around somewhere called "Roll Back the Rug".

The band also featured Go-Go dancers called the "Magnettes", "Barbie and Midge". They mostly came up on some surf stuff we played also. I think they were as popular as the band, or even more so with some. I married one of them (Midge) and still am! (Much in the same fashion as a band I shared the stage with in Nijmegen (the girls in Holland were called The Lucy Dee's I believe).

Keep in touch, thanks and keep rockin'!!!
J J Holiday (Formerly known as Jumpin' Jeff Poskin) - July 2002

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