Lost Hound, Hillbilly Bop & Western Swing

It all started in the year 1998. Vocalist and guitarist Jan and double bassplayer Peter wanted to start a rockabillyband. This couple played together with drummer Wim Ellerman for two years. In 2000 Wim left the band. Things got more serious after drummer Max and steelplayer Koen joined the band. With these new guys Lost Hound changed their earlier neo-rockabilly style into a more vintage kind of music. The band now plays a mixture of westernswing, hillbilly and rockabilly, put together in an exciting style. Lost Hound performs their hillbillybop with enthusiasm and energy.

Four months later the band was very successful at the National Student-bands Award. They won the contest and got the opportunity to record a full lenght CD. The guys selected six self-written songs and five covers and in December the songs were recorded. Vocalist Annita Langereis and fiddler Joost van Es joined in on a few songs. The selftitled debut album was released in June 2001 and received pretty well with the fans.

The album starts with the selfpenned "Alligator Banks", a hot rockabilly song with western influences, a greasy slapping bass and with both lap steel and electric guitar instrumental breaks. Ronnie Self's "Pretty Bad Blues" is a superb redition of this great classic song. No lap steel was used, which makes it pure rockabilly, as original intended. On "Red Eyed And Rowdy" guest singer Annita Langereis fills the room with a fabulous female country voice, as the likes of Marti Brom. Jan is overdoing his Southern American accent a little bit though. Next is Tex Rubinowitz' classic "Ain't It Wrong" originally recorded for the now famous Ripsaw label. Rockabilly from the boots up!

The western style "Like A Cow" keeps the rockabilly rhythm, but with guest musician Joost van Es on fiddle, it gets that distictive hillbilly ring to it. More rockabilly with yet another song written by Jan, the fast paced "You're Not Allowed" is a pretty cool bopper. On the Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps style "I Wan' A Woman" Peter is plucking his bass fiddle hard and loud and the song reminds a lot of Gene's "Woman Love". Bill Browning's "Sinful Woman" is a mix of rockabilly (great slap!), western swing and hillbilly, complete with lap steel and fiddle. Jim Reeves' "Billy Bayou" is surely a country classic, but with Peter slapping the bull fiddle, it gets a smooth slow paced rockabilly rhythm. Two more selfpenned rockabilly boppers "Any Flame" (with Annita on vocals) and "Down Girl Down", where the latter is definitly my favourtite track, rockabilly all the way!

At home, the band members listen to artists like Gene O'Quinn, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Bob Wills, Red Foley, Jim Reeves, Duke Ellington and other 40's and 50's stuff. Their own work is based on true happened adventures of the bandmembers. Lost Hound has appeared at Rock & Roll street (Terschelling), Strandpop (Oostmahorn), Caddy's Diner (Purmerend), A-Bombers Spring Party (Uddevalla, Sweden) and more...

Lost Hound line-up:
Jan De Boer - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Bosma - Double Bass
Koen Geurts - Steel & Rhythm Guitar
Maxwell De Vries - Drums

Phone: +31 (0)58 212 73 43
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Reviewed by The BlackCat, 2002