The Lords Above, Rockabilly To Blast You Away

In the first summer of the year 2000, two young pals set the deal to start a rockabilly-band in Nijmgegen with no limits or boundaries - influences from surf, psychobilly, swing, country rock, 50s rock 'n' roll, blues, soul, garage, motown & doo-wop were all to be combined on a rough 'n' energetic rockabilly-basis. The first of these two pals is Michael, a.k.a. Mike the Trigger, who is just a youngster exploring the wide 'n' endless world called Rockabilly. His main influences are The Paladins, Elvis, Eddie Cochran, The Bottletones, Calexico, Bill Haley and loads of other heroes. Allthough he played the doublebass for only a couple of months, he wanted to start a band with the purpose of having an extra motivation in learning to play that huge bass. He had been drumming in hardcore/metal-bands for about seven years and was ready for something completely different.

In Coen, a.k.a. Conus the Barbarian, he found a capable guitarist, with a musical history in punk- & hardcorebands. Having Tom Waits, The Bottletones, Stray Cats, Buena Vista Social Club and The Paladins as main influences, he was ready for some action with Mike - now they had to find themselves some other enthousiastic swingers. After a while they met Gijs, a.k.a. Jimmie the Shadow, and Vincent, a.k.a. Vinnie Mad Dog, who were two vocalists with a totally different background, but eager to join Mike & Conus in their mission. Jimmie is the roughest of the lords, having The Hellacopters, The Cramps, Gluecifer and Peter Pan as his main influences.

Vinnie is the real soul man of the lords, with a dubious past in a Schläger-band - which is completely straightened out by his recommendation from the local Church-choir. He is heavily influenced by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, James Brown and the total league of the soulmusicians from the 60s and 70s.

At the time the first rehearsal was to take place, Joep, a.k.a. Joe the Undertaker, joined the swingers and played along on piano. This lively soul was a long time friend of Mike and Conus, and became an element of The Lords Above at that very moment. The main influence for Joe is undoubtly Jerry Lee Lewis (as for most rockabilly-pianists), but he also listens a lot to popular music - Radiohead, Live, and that kind. But what the lords missed was somebody with some pots and pans to rattle. Mike called upon an old friend, with who he had been in a couple of bands for 3 years or so, and asked him to join forces. One hour later he was in the rehearsal-room. This crazy lad, with The Blues Explosion and The Treble Spankers as main influences, completed the band, which was ready for take off now.

At the time of writing (November 2000) The Lords Above have a fastgrowing playlist and reputation of being a couple of rascals who are ever ready to rip the place apart - at least, that's what the owners of the rehearsal-building think. To get a more detailed impression of what the band is about - or if you just want to see more pics of those grimaces - just take a peek at their homepage. With live-performances (alive & kickin'!) and some recording-sessions in foresight, The Lords Above is band to keep an eye on - let me tell you that!

The Lords Above are:
Mike The Trigger - Slapbass
Nicky The Kingpin - Drums
Conus The Barbarian - Guitar
Vinnie Mad Dog - Vocals
Joe The Undertaker - Piano
Jimmie The Shadow - Vocals


By Mike The Trigger, 2000
Used with permission