Little Lou & The Moonshiners, Greazy Rhythm 'n Blues

Little Lou & The Moonshiners are a French band from Paris and were formed in the early spring on 2001. The female singer Louise is a newcomer on the scene, but with she's a real talent and she has obviously been practising a lot. This rhythm lady is backed by musicians who all have a vast reputation on the French rocking scene. They played with such bands as Curfew, Hot Rhythm & Booze, Not Of This Earth, Wild Goners and The Rockin' Boys.

Their debut stage appearance proved that a good show is not necessarily a wild stage act, it can also be just a great vocal performance. The band's music is a mix of black female rhythm & blues and stomping rock 'n' roll that is really worth listening to. A pretty darn good 5-track demo CD is available from the band.

The players:
Louisa - Vocals
Claude - Lead Guitar
Manu - Double Bass
JP - Piano
Pascal - Drums

Contact information:
Pascal: +33 344 582 091
Manu: +33 145 515 037  

Information provided by Little Lou & The Moonshiners, 2003