The Lennerockers, Western Rockabilly

The Lennerockers are a five piece rockabilly band from Hagen, Germany. They are a real "live on stage band" and watching them makes you jump and jive. They produce a very distinguished sound, a sound the Lennerockers themselves call "Western Rockabilly". Not country, mind you, but the use of instruments that are not normally used in a rockabilly band, like a banjo, dobro and mandolin, gives their kind of rockabilly a nice twist. And a fast one for that matter, because most of their songs are uptempo rockabilly tracks with a great slapping bass setting the pace.

You won't hear many cover-songs when you visit one of their gigs, or listen to one of their superb albums. Michael and Stefan Koch write almost all of their material themselves and they do a great job. Many great songs of their hands are sure gonna be rockabilly classics, like "Free As Birds", "Keep Cool" and "Women and booze and rock an' roll". Especially their first two albums sound as if they have been cut "live to two-track". If you happen to find one in your local recordstore; don't hesitate, git it! Their third album "Rebels of Nowadays" is memorable too, although it sounds like it has been recorded and mixed with much more modern techniques. All Lennerockers' recordings were taped at the TBS Record Studio in Schwerte (Germany).

The Lennerockers are almost "a family matter", besides Michael and Stefan Koch as the songwriters and driving musicians, their sister Inge is also greatly involved. Inge does the management and bookings, and she gets the job done right. Since their foundation in 1984 The Lennerockers became one of the most active rock 'n' roll bands in Europe. They appeared on many events, sharing the stage with lots of international artists. They also had very succesful tours backing Charlie Gracie, Larry Donn, Sandy Ford and Graham Fenton. Besides their musical abilities they impress people of all ages with their explosive stage-show.

The Lennerockers are:
Michael Ele Koch - Vocals, Banjo
Frank Butgereit - Guitars, Vocals
Stefan Koch - Piano, Mandolin, Dobro
Michael Schott - Drums, Washboard
Dieter Korth - Upright and Electric Bass

Keep Cool (LR 860 13/3, 1986)
Burn Out b/w As Trivial As True (45 rpm, Crea 1987)
Move Your Feet (LR 880 13, 1988)
Rebels Of Nowadays (Rockhouse, ROCKCD 9106, 1991)
The Lennerockers And Friends, Vol. 1 (LR 92192, 1992)
The Lennerockers Live On Stage (1993)
Wild! Wild! Wild! (LR 95195, 1995)
The Lennerockers And Friends, Vol. 2 (1997)
Early Days, Volume 1 (1999)
Early Days, Volume 2 (1999)
Simply Beautiful
(CD, 2000)

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