The Kings of Hell, Mechanical Bull-o-Billy!

The Kings of Hell are 500 Hp of Alcohol Fueled, Sledge-o-Matic in Overdrive, Mechanical Bull-o-Billy! This Jacksonville, Fla. based rockabilly / rock‘n’roll band that was formed in the fall of 2004. In July of 2009 after a four year wildly successful run, longtime band mates James “Fish” Alcorn (lead vocals and guitar) and Allan “Sarge” Paulsen (standup bass and vocals) found themselves wanting a new direction and fresh inspiration. “The Kings of Hell had gone as far as it could with the current members”, said Fish “It was time to not just improve on what we were doing but to take it to the next level”. Finding the right people to expand on that vision led to guitarist Mike Rellh and drummer Mike Magners. “We had auditioned so many so many folks that just didn’t get what we doing, where we were going, then these guys crossed our path” said Fish. “It hit on all 8 cylinders and we never looked back”.

In both 2005 and 2006 the band released two five song demos; however it wasn't until the winter of 2007 that they finally took the time to record what will be their first full length LP, Shotgun Wedding which was released in early spring. The band has toured extensively over the southeast and toured Iceland in the fall of 2005 and spring of 2006. The band is currently touring the US in support of their new LP Shotgun Wedding and in the summer of 2008 The Kings of Hell produced their first music video for the title track of this album.

The Kings of Hell music originally started as traditionally rockabilly with a little more upbeat country, then gradually changed and became more rock ‘n’ roll. “We bring a bit of a rougher edge to a style of music that is normally played very traditionally” said Fish “We’ve all done the Rock N Roll thing, found the joy in Country and the Western and thrashed out the punk thing”. This is Rockabilly with an edge, it’s Modern Cowpunk, it’s Blues and Jump Swing, it’s messed up more than a box of coathangers, It's The Kings of Hell.

The Kings of Hell draws its influences from drive ins, honky tonks, the car culture and motorcycle scene performs its own style of music with its own rules, “We ain’t kissin no babys… We ain’t shakin no hands… Kings of Hell rollin on thru your town.”

The Kings of Hell are:
James "Fish" Alcorn - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Allen "Sarge" Paulsen - Standup Bass, Backup Vocals
Mike "Blueberry" Magners - Drums, Backup Vocals
Mike "Fourdoor" Rellh - Lead Guitar, Backup Vocals

Kings of Hell, EP 2006
Shotgun Wedding, LP 2008

Contact infromation: 

Chip Barr
Barking Spider Management
Phone: +1 (904) 993-5225 

Courtesy of Chip Barr, 2010
Used with permission