The Kingsize Trio, Rock Billy Boogie 'n' Swing

This is definitly a band like you've never seen before. The King Size Trio started out in 1995 and came out of other well known Dutch and Belgium rockabilly bands, such as Jumping Jukebox, Streetbuckets and Dixie Cannonballs. The trio makes a very special kind of rockabilly music. Dressed in cowskin pants, pointed toe boots and western hats, they present themselves as authentic country boys. Their looks and their music surely make them one of the most exciting bands on the rockabilly scene. Their catching, raving music takes you all the way accross the ocean to the southern states of the US, with its infinite countryside and scorching heat. Their style may be the traditional rockabilly beat from the nineteen-fifties, but their performance and sound are definitly from this millenium. Grandpaw, dust your boots, we're gonna rock 'n' roll tonight! Rock 'n' Roll in the the new millenium is still alive and kicking hard!

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King Size Trio are:
Tiny Lathouwers - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Gert De Graaf - Drums, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Peter Dekker - King Size Fiddle, Vocals

King Size Bookings:
Lieshoutseweg 28
5492 HR Sint-Oedenrode
The Netherlands
Tel/fax: +31-413-476921
Pictures by The BlackCat
Rockabilly Highlands
September 2003