The Kentucky Boys, They Want It Hot

Picture Courtesy of Markus Störk

Once upon a time... No, that's not the beginning of a fairy-tale, but the beginning of a story about a band that has been driving rock 'n' roll people crazy for 10 years now! It's the story of the Kentucky Boys. It all started in 1989 in a small village near the Lake of Constance (which is quite big) in Southern Germany, when Dieter Störk, Markus Störk, Jürgen Gnirß and Rolf Störk (no brothers!), who had already been friends from school, decided to form a band. All they needed was a lead-guitarist, and they didn't have to look very far: Paddy Brohammer, a guitar player they had known for some time, was looking for a band, and so he joined in.

In spring 1989 the Gallow Birds were born. Gallow Birds? Well, that was the first name of the boys, but they quickly changed it into?... Yes, the Kentucky Boys. A band that nobody could have ever really put into just one category. Certainly, they have always preferred British Rockabilly, but as they are not only crazy but also open minded the Boys played, and still play a good mixture of different kind of songs - and that always in their own style. But let's go back to the story. After playing more and more successfully in the rock 'n' roll scene the band wanted a change. So in 1991, they decided to get another person into the band, a sax-player, called Gordon Krum. He stayed with the band for 2 years, but because he didn't like to practise too much, he had to leave again in 1993.

In the following years they became not only famous for the amount of beer and wine they usually consumed during a concert, but especially for their wild show, before, during and after the concerts. The people who have been at one of their first concerts will surely never forget when the Kentuckys were so pissed that Rolf shot Markus in the arm with a gas pistol. Thank God only a few peolpe had seen him doing it, because the concert was finished and the whole audience was chasing after the (imaginary) "dirty bastard" who had done this to poor Markus - especially Rolf. Or who doesn't remember when Jürgen had just a little bit too much alcohol and fell from his chair during the concert - and was still lying there two bands later...

Not really their excesses but their stage show brought them to Switzerland, Austria, France, Italy and England, where they played at the 1995 Teddy Boy Weekender in Great Yarmouth. It was in the spring 1997, when Paddy wanted to play a different kind of music, which the others, of course, refused. So he left the band. Fortunately, the Kentucky Boys had already known Luigi Angelini, the "crazy Italian stallion" from the Italian band The Hellcats. He had always wanted to move to Germany - so the band and Luigi took the chance, and two weeks after Paddy had left the Kentucky Boys Luigi became their new guitarist. With him in the band their success story went on. They were asked a second time to play in Great Yarmouth in 1997 and they were also offered to start the Weekender in London at the Tennessee Club. The London concert went down so well that they came back to the Tennessee Club again in 1998, as support band for Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers at their 29th anniversary party. In the future they are going to be busy as well. They have just been booked for the Winter Rock 'n' Roll Dance (Rocker's Reunion) in 2000. They are also working on some new songs to be put on something you can buy.

- Raisin Out For Rock 'n' Roll (Demo Tape)
- Cool Cat Bop (Vinyl LP)
- Felt So Wild (LP/CD)
- I Want It Hot (CD, 1996)
- Wild Cruisin' Cat (Vinyl EP)
- Long White Cadillac (Single)
- At The Rockabilly-Bop-Night, Live (CD, 2000)

And samplers on the following issues:
- Guitar Riot (Jungle Noise, LP)
- Best Of German Rockabilly 1 & 2 (10" LP)
- Teddy Boy Weekender 4 & 6 (Pollytone)
- Wild Men Bop (CD, Vampirella)
- Testament Of Rock 'n' Roll (LP, Diabolo)
- Roadrunner (Movie Soundtrack)

The Kentucky Boys are:
Dieter "Daniels" Störk - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Markus "Beam" Störk - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Jürgen "Drummin' Joe" Gnirß - Drums
Rockin' Rolf Störk - Bass
Luigi Angelini - Lead Guitar

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