Keessie & The Seltens Of Swing, Time To Rock 'n' Roll

The genuine fifties rock 'n' roll band Keessie & The Seltens Of Swing, originating from the south of the Netherlands, has been around since 1983. This long existence is quite a unique fact in the rock 'n' roll scene, and all these years, four members of the group have been a constant factor. Only bass players are a real pain in the ass, because Keessie (pronounced as K.C.) has 'worn' three of them. The fourth bass player seems to be a better choice, maybe because Hank Honey brought along his standing bass and his indestructible fetlock.

The band often performs at typical rock-n-roll-from-the-50s parties and play songs from the likes of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Gene Vincent, Eddy Cochran, Johnny Burnette and many more. Besides that, Keessie has composed many songs of their own, totally in line with the original fifties sound of course. No doubt that their favourite subjects are beer, women, cars, egos and machos. March 2002 saw the release of Keessie's first CD ever. It displays a great number of those selfpenned tracks, among a selection of cover songs. This CD was released by the Dutch label Rarity Records, specialized in music from the fifties and sixties. At the moment Keessie is working hard to write new songs for the second CD.

When Keessie & The Seltens Of Swing perform live, it always comes down to a big party. Singer Kees Selten (the band's name has been derived from the Dire Straits song "Sultans of Swing" and is an adaptation to Kees' last name), with his raw voice, always knows how to whip up the audience. And so does lead guitar player Bert Damink, who improvises the most inspirated and often funny solo licks.

The boys don't aim at perfect imitations of the original songs, but they try to create an exiting ambiance and interaction with the audience. Most of the time this works out wonderfully; usually the band and their audience are getting quite enthusiastic during the gig. People who tend to sit in a chair at the beginning usually end up dancing like animals, screaming "we want more" in the end, when Keessie and companions have given everything they could. So, mostly a performance of this genuine rock 'n' roll band ends up in a fairly chaotic mess. Keessie tries to reply as much as possible to requests from the public, and it is no exception when total strangers replace the original musicians on stage. This comes in handy for the band members, who can take a rest (and a beer) for a while.

Keessie & The Seltens Of Swing are:
Kees Selten - Vocals, Saxophone
Bert Damink - Lead Guitar
Willy Cornelissen - Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals
Henk Honing - Stand-up Bass, Backing Vocals
Martijn Willems - Stand-up drums, Vocals

Keesie & The Seltens of Swing disbanded end of 2003, for the continuing story check out "The Eight Ball Boppers"

Information provided by Henk Honing