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Mean Mountain Music has issued a very good CD for all rockabilly fans, "Ken davis, 40 years Ago / Later". I just received a copy and I like it a lot, it contains old and new recordings and all of 'em are "the true rockabilly way".

In the liner notes Ken Davis tells his story:

Late summer, 1958: My four-piece band and I, along with back-up singers were crowded into the small garage studio of Starlight records in Racine, Wisconsin. Two songs were put on tape that evening - "Shook Shake" and "Echo Rock". Released on the Starlight label in September, and subsequently on Badger early in 1959, excellent air and juke box play made the record a regional success.

I was drafted into the Army in October of 1958, and while stationed at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, put together a band and recorded "Oh So Blue" and "Gone Again", at Hi-Fi Recording Studio, Oklahoma City; it was another regional hit on the Badger label, and came dose to being picked up by a major record company. Five records, 10 original songs, were released between 1958 and 1960. I continued to write in hopes of producing an entire album. That dream didn't materialize.

In 1981 "Shook Shake" and "Echo Rock" were re-released on the Mean Mountain label, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It was specifically aimed at the world-wide record collectors market 40 Years Later... Over the past several years "Shook Shake" and "Gone Again" have appeared on numerous rock 'n' roll compilation CD's around the world, including England, Holland, and Germany.

Within the last year, Rocky Kruegel, of Rocky's Records, in Oak Greek, Wisconsin; Mike Muskovitz, Mean Mountain Music in Milwaukee, Wisconsin; and Paul Kosl, Eagle Records in Germany, encouraged me to go back into the recording studio and do some of those songs I never got the chance to record. Three musician friends, Dean and Maggie Lange and Jon Bolton, offered to help out on the "strictly-for-fun" project. As a result, 40 years later, the "dream" has become a reality.

A "new" kind of music called "rockabilly" became popular in the '50s. It was created by artists like Elvis, Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash and Roy Orbison, to name a few. A combination of hillbilly or country & western and rock 'n' roll, it was fun music to play and listen to back then. It still is today! For this album, the musicians and Miracle Sound Digital Recording Company, worked together to recapture that raw sound of the era on 11 new/old songs.

Also included are three original recordings from '58 and '59. A special tribute is in order. Guitarist Dean Lange and I grew up in the same neighborhood. Our mothers enthusiastically supported us in all our musical ventures. We went separate ways over the years but always "kept in touch." It was indeed fun to finally get a chance to work together on this project.

Ken Davis, 1998

Ken Davis
4352 Woodview Lane
Racine, WI 53404-1220

Ken's CD is also available from:
Mean Mountain Music
926 Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53215

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