Julian "X" - Britain's Fabian

Julian "X" was one of Larry Parnes stable of Rock 'n' Roll artists and was launched in 1959 as "Julian - Britain's Fabian". So, unlike the rest of the great impresario's singers, he was not given a double-edged name. Julian (real name Julian Lee) was born in Camberley, Surrey, and in 1957 joined the Merchant Navy. During leave periods Julian made several appearances at the legendary 2-I's coffee bar in Soho and in 1959 he formed a rock 'n' roll band, "Del Fonteyn and the 5 Stars".

Becoming increasingly popular on the Southern circuit, Julian went on to win the national TV talent show "Lou Preagers's Find The Singer". Lou Preager arranged an interview with Larry Parnes, which resulted in Julian signing an exclusive five year contract with Larry Parnes (and Marty Wilde as his co-manager) and a recording deal with Pye Records.

Early in 1960 Julian (now dubbed Julian "X" by the press) was booked to record his first single "Mr. Blue" but contracted a serious throat infection and was hospitalised. Despite missing the recording session, the story made the middle pages of the Daily Mirror & Daily Record. On recovery he commenced touring to find he was nationally known! It was at this time that Julian recorded his first single, the all-British double A-side "Sue Saturday" (written by Ian Samwell) and "I Can't Wait" (written by Lionel Bart).

A year later, at a meeting with Larry Panes and songwriter Mike Hawker it was decided that Julian ('X') as a professional name was too confining and he was re-christened Julian Scott. This change of name also led to a change of record label, and Julian's next single, "So Tired" b/w "My Steady Date" came out on Columbia. Throughout the sixties and seventies Julian established himself as a versatile entertainer and gradually moved away from pure rock 'n' roll, singing at virtually every type of venue, and ranging in style from cabaret to working with big bands and jazz trios.

During the 1980's Julian concentrated on the hotel, club and holiday centre circuits appearing throughout Europe and, proving particularly popular in Portugal, has spent most summers there over the last decade. On encouragement from his close friend Terry Dene, Julian has 'gone back to his roots' and recorded an album titled "The Early Years" (Private Label) which features songs from the late 50s and early 60s. This has lead to regular appearances at rock 'n' roll venues throughout the UK with his new band Julian Scott's 'X'-Press.

He has also been in contact with other original British rock 'n' rollers with the idea of a nationwide "Larry Parnes Memorial Tour", and is at present in negotiations with a number of agencies to further this. As Julian says "Without Larry Parnes rock 'n' roll in Britain would not have had the same impact. He took an American phenomenon and tailored it to the home market. He should be remembered".

Sadly Julian X passed away in 2016.

Recommended Listening:
Julian X "The Early Years" (Private Label)
Julian Scott "Brazilian Nights - New York Days" (Private Label)

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