Jorma Lover and the Others

Debutalbum released in december 2016. The cd contains twelve original songs written by singer/guitarist Johan Engström and guitarist Johan Emet. The Jorma Lover and the others sound is a mixture of rockabilly, twangy guitars & Finnish music tradition.

Biography: The band started playing together in 2012 in Jakobstad (Finland) with their mind set on playing music that they love, rockabilly and twangy guitar music. Inspired by Elvis Presley's first band and the Johnny Burnette trio the band settled for the electric guitar, guitar and bass setup. After playing covers for a couple of years the next logical step was to write original song in the same tradition. In december 2016 the debut album was released. The band name is a wordplay with English and Finnish words that sounds like English and a decision was made that the members of the band also took artist names in that way. So far the band has been playing liveshows in Finland and Sweden.

Jorma Lover and the others is:
Jorma Lover (Johan Engström) - Lead Vocals, Guitars
Jorma Heart (Johan Emet) - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Jorma Soul (Egon Veevo) - Double Bass, Backing Vocals

Jorma Lover and the others on youtube:

Johan Engström +46 70 3570035
Johan Emet +358 40 7316680

Press Release, 2017
Used with permission