Johnny Clara & The Hounddogs, Piano Whizkid

Johnny Clara & The Hounddogs hail from Sant Feliu de Guixols on the Costa Brava, Catalonia, in the North East of Spain. They got together in February 1997 - Johnny was only 6 at that time. His dad Pepe Clara and his pal Albert decided to re-form the rockabillyband they had in their younger days, this time with Albert on guitar, Pepe on drums, young Johnny on the piano and a boy named Josep on upright bass. One month later, Enric joined on accoustic guitar. After about 18 months, there were some jealousy problems with the bass player and he decided to leave. He was replaced by by a very good musician named Francesc, but he also left the band when they got a contract the day "Jukebox" was recorded. Enric contacted his pal Tavi (Octavi) and he accepted to join on tenor, alto and soprano sax.

A few days before that the band talked to their young bassist to play with them only for that gig, he agreed and he stayed with the band after that. On June 8, 1999, Johnny Clara & The Hounddogs appeared on a TV show (Spanish National TV Station TVE-1) named "Digan Lo Que Digan" and it made the band very popular in their own country. For the next six months they had plenty of gigs and in January 2000 they decided to add Johnny's friend Eugeni (age 12) on trumpet. In June, another of Johnny's friends, Marc (also aged 12) joined on second trumpet. Marc can also play drums, which gives Pepe a chance to play his banjo on the country tunes.

Meet the Hounddogs:
Johnny Clara - Piano, Vocal
Pepe Clara - Drums, Vocal
Enric Aguila - Rythm Guitar, Vocal
Albert Pascual - Lead Guitar
Josep Gui - Bass Guitar
Tavi Viader -Tenor/Alto/Soprano Saxes
Eugeni Bigas - Trumpet
Marc Quintana -Trumpet, Vocal

- Jukebox Rock 'n' Roll (CD, 1999)
- Jumpin' with Johnny Clara & The Hounddogs (CD, 2000)

Both CD's are self-produced live recordings with great atmosphere)

Contact information:
Enric Aguila
P.O. BOX 181
17220-St. Feliu de Guixols
Tlf. +34-72-323902