Jimmy The Kid dies of Heart Attack - August 5, 2006

Bob E. Rock & Jimmy at Bias Studios

Jimmy at Tipitina's in New Orleans

Today I got the sad message that my long time friend Jimmy The Kid, aka Jim Kirk, aka Jim Kirkland, has died from a heart attack. The message scared the living daylights out of me, so I phoned up Pat at their home and she sadly confirmed that Jim had died.

Jim was the driving force of No Club Records & Productions who released great rockabilly recordings by Tex Rubinowitz and Bob E. Rock. He also recorded a 45 himself "Santa's Saturday Night" b/w "Rudolp The Red Nosed Reindeer". Before that he was involved with Ripsaw Records, well known of the fabulous releases by Louie Setzer And Appalachian Mt. Boys, Billy Hancock & The Tennessee Rockets, Tex Rubinowitz, Martha Hull and Eddie Angel.

Some 6 years ago Jim asked me to make a website for his No Club Productions and his friend Tex Rubinowitz, and I did. The website is still online, and I will try to keep it online in memory of Jim.


Jim has also been a member of our Rockabilly Yahoo Group ever since we started it in August 2001. He was a great friend to everyone who knew him, he loved rockabilly music and his promotion of it really made a difference.

My sincere condolances to Jim's family and all his friends, you must all feel a big empty gap right now, like I do. Jim, we will miss you!

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The BlackCat, 2006