Jimmy & The Rock-Itz, New name - Old pals

Take a little bit of one band - stir in half another band - wrap it all together with a class guitarist. What you've got is one great rock 'n' roll band.

Jimmi & the Rock-itz are five talented musicians who've been entertaining audiences for many years as members of various bands well known on the rock 'n' roll circuit.

When the Jaguars and Tonic Blue simultaneously decided it was time for changes in personnel and style it was no accident that Pete, John, Trevor and Tony joined forces. Enter Dan, one hell of a guitarist, and Jimmi & the Rock-itz were formed.

The guys have been around the rock 'n' roll scene for many, many years; they know all the great songs - the jivers, the strollers, the boppers and the smoochers - what more could an audience want?

Whilst still in the rehearsal stage they were being booked for a variety of gigs including the Teddy Boy weekender in November 2000 - such is the confidence in these guys who will not disappoint.

Jimmi & the Rock-itz - a new name, but a very experienced and professional band!

For bookings contact Pete on +44 208 648 5118