The Jets, Who said Rock 'n' Roll was Dead?!

The Jets first formed in 1974 as four piece rock 'n' roll band, specializing in the '50s era, then using the name BRAD. After various line up changes and learning the trade the band settled on a three piece line up and a name change in 1978. The Jets were now a Cotton family concern. Eldest brother Bob on lead vocals and double bass. Ray the middle brother on lead guitar and vocals, last but certainly not least youngest brother Tony on drums and yes you've guessed it vocals. A three piece band playing with as much energy and full sound as a six piece outfit.

A recording career soon came around and the three brothers were snapped up by record company giants EMI, achieving top twenty hit records and albums (9 hit records listed in the Guinness book of hit records). Pop videos and of course TV shows, "Top Of The Pops" etc, gave The Jets valuable experience and a chance to travel the world doing what they do best.

Touring has been in The Jets blood since '78, Scandinavia, Europe and Japan have all been visited, headlining the bands own tours and as part or the bill on numerous festivals with such artists as Sting, Boy George, Robert Plant, Right Said Fred Cliff Richard, Shakin' Stevens as well as original '50's artists, Carl Perkins, Jack Scott, Elvis' drummer D.J.Fontana (who actully played drums with the Jets), Charlie Gracie and British rockers Marty Wilde, Wee Willie Harris, Billy Fury, etc... If there is a multicultural festival happening and a live rock 'n' roll band with real live guitar, drums (not tapes, loops, sequencers or computers) and a double bass pounding away The Jets will be somewhere on the bill.

Not only will you find The Jets playing to dance audiences but you will also just as easily find them appearing across the length and breadth of the country at various theatres. The Motorcycle Show at the N.E.C. played host to the Cotton brothers for the three year in succession. Over 180,000 people attend the show and The Jets are certainly not strangers to a lot of them, some would have definitely seen the lads headline at the famous Isle of Man TT races street party, if not at two of the previous Bike shows.

Plans for The Jets include further tours of the theatres on a "Rock 'n' Roll Meets Country" tour, and of course numerous club dates around Great Britain. Another trip to Japan, with dates in the pipeline for shows in the USA, plus all the regular trips to Europe with hopefully, if it all comes together, a trip to Mexico. At present the twelfth and latest Album, "Bolt of Lightning" is out now. Who said rock 'n' roll was dead?!

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The Jets are:
Bob Cotton - Lead Vocals, Double Bass
Ray Cotton - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Tony Cotton - Drums

Contact information:
31 Fife Street
St James
NN5 5BH England
Phone: +44 (0)1604 752800

Live pictures by The BlackCat, Holland 1984