Jean Vincent, The Rockin' Wildcat

In her own words, "I fell in love with Elvis before I could walk, and it's because of that walk I took Gene's name". Jean's had a problem with her leg throughout her career (like Gene) and so she shares more than just a name with him, and more than a spirit. Gene Vincent's former agent even told Jean after one show, "Gee, honey, he would have been proud...". And I can say myself, from a few years experience of knowing Jean, that she has a great personality and character.

Hailing from the Midlands of England, The "Rockin' Wildcat" Jean Vincent is no stranger to the Netherlands - for she has brought her raucous rock 'n' roll here on 'Rockhouse' festivals before and had 2 albums released on the label. Her first single appeared in 1985 and was a humorous version of "Deadwood Stage", which almost made it to be the UK's Xmas hit single of 1985.

With her own band, The Nite Capz (formed in 1984), she made her first album "Rock With Me" (LP & later CD) on Holland's 'Rockhouse Records', and this was very well received in the media's reviews. This led to the "Fireball" single (produced by Steve Gibbons) on the Swedish 'Wildcat' label and Jean then graced the rock'n'roll stages of Holland, Germany, Austria and Scandinavia. "Fireball" (theme of the "Fireball XL5" TV series) became a rock 'n' roll dancefloor hit in Sweden.

Jean Vincent appeared at hundreds of international venues playing to thousands of people. Working alongside rock 'n' roll giants like (Bill Haley's) Comets (at their request) and a recording session with Tommy Sands, on the bill with Fats Domino and Marty Wilde, and together with the bands of today such as the Lennerockers in Germany and Little Franky & The Townbeats in Austria.

Her second CD "Jean's On The Jukebox" was also released in Holland (Rockhouse Records, 1994). Now her latest CD "Rock 'n' Roll Routes" has recently appeared on the British 'Raucous Records' label and is an anthology covering her recording years of 1985-2000.  Worth the price for "Hillbilly Rock" alone... Wow!

From silky smooth to raunchy, rough tough vocals, Jean Vincent's stage show was a roaring success on the Scandinavian Teddy Boy Weekend as well as Germany, Austria and all over the UK in recent times and she's sure to set the stage on fire in Holland on the 1st Dutch Teddy Boy Rock 'n' Roll Festival in March 2003! Real rock 'n' roll with Brenda Lee, Ruth Brown, Wanda Jackson, Gene Vincent, and her own gems including "Jean's On The Jukebox" and "Rock With Me". Prepare to be dazzled!

 The BlackCat with Jean Vincent, 2003

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Story by Marc Fenech, Southern & Rocking Music