JC and The Cavemen by Jerry Grammer

Scotty Moore, Hoyt Johnson, Jerry Grammer,
JC Raynor and Jerry Freil (The Night Hawks)

A dynamic group originally called "The Night Hawks" originated with JC Raynor, Scotty Moore, Hoyt Johnson, Jerry Freil and Jerry Grammer.

Mabron McKinney, Hoyt Johnson, JC Raynor,
Scotty Moore and Jerry Grammer (Sitting)

Mabron McKinney eventually replaced Freil and "The Cavemen" were born. Recording on Decca records and The Allstate label, several songs were made and the group received honorable mention in the Rockabilly Hall of Fame.

Hoyt recorded solo for several major labels including RCA with Chet Atkins as his producer. The group split up with each member going their separate ways. Mabron left and was original Bassman for Duanne and Greg Allman. Jerry went with Jerry Woodard and eventually performed with several well known artists. JC became a preacher and Hoyt self destructed. The group that in later years was touted as, one of the best in the industry, by music critics had drifted into obscurity!

Harold Hollis, Judge Wright, Jerry Grammer,
Mabron McKinney, Hoyt Johnson, and JC Raynor

Story by Jerry Grammer
Used with permission, 2005