Jackalopes, Hometown Blues

Named after the american (fictional) crossbreed between a jackrabbit and an antelope the Jackalopes cover many styles from grooving rockabilly to melodic western-swing. In their current line-up they play together since 2004. They devote themselves to the western-swing and hillbilly music of the 40s and 50s. But those who are aware of the individual background of the band members know, that they will always have some hot rockabilly number or more "modern" hillbilly in the style of Wayne Hancock and Hank III up their sleeve. Their sound and their repertoire consisting of long lost pearls from the past make them unique in Switzerland. Shimmery lap-steel sounds meet a down-to-earth slap bass while a jazzy guitar jokes around with a swinging fiddle.

In spring 2006 the first EP/CD was released on Pilot-Records, the own label of Swiss-Top-Winner Admiral James T. Beside one original composition in the style of the early Merle Travis, there can be found rockabilly-crackers, jazzy western-swing, a grooving Steve Earl interpretation and some Hillbilly goodies. Like in the good old days, all songs were recorded live, showing the versatility of the band as well as their distinctive style. Go and watch them live - and you'll have a ripping good time! Or even better book the Jackalopes for your own event. If the good lord's willin" and the creek don't rise, we'll see you.

The Jackalopes are (left to right):
Koni Kappeler - Lapsteel, Pedalsteel, Dobro, Backing Vocals
Caspar Noetzli - Leadguitar, Backing Vocals
Michael Ehrismann - Upright Bass, Lead Vocals
Marco Benvegnu - Drums, Backing Vocals
Elisabeth Schneeberger - Fiddle, Backing Vocals
Oliver Ehrismann - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar

CD tracklisting:
Midnight Shift / Weekend Cowboy / Southern Belle / Hometown Blues / Drivin' Nails In My Coffin / One Woman Man / Please Don't Talk About Me / Real Gone Daddy

Contact information:

Information provided by Michael Ehrismann, 2006