Iain 'Houndog' Terry, Battle Of The Bands

Picture right: Iain Terry with "Greggi G and his Crazy Gang"

Iain 'Houndog' Terry played bass in his first band in 1964, then in various rock 'n' roll bands throughout the 60's. He switched to alto saxophone in '69-'70, and after that he played second saxophone in several blues bands, leaving the solos to the tenor player. Iain Terry was a co-founding member of Matchbox in November '73 with Fred Poke, Timmy Redhead and Wiffle Smith. They released their first single for the Dawn label in 1975 titled "Rock 'n' Roll band".

Iain then left Matchbox in 1976 and formed The Cruisers with Timmy Redhead (who also left Matchbox) and Gordon Scott (who would later join Matchbox). He left The Cruisers in early '77 and joined Rock Island Line, backing Screaming Lord Sutch. He toured Europe for two years with this line-up, backing Screaming Lord Sutch (LP/CD "Murder In The Graveyard"). Iain Terry momentarily went back to Matchbox and formed Shotgun with Wild Bob Burgos. They released a LP on Magnum Force called "Tennesse Rockin" in 1979. Next Iain Terry formed Dynamite and backed Charlie Gracie for an extensive tour in 1981.

After leaving Dynamite, Iain formed The Spy's. LP "Spy's," was released in Germany by Line Records. From 1981 to 1985 Iain played in various groups and studios. He was a session muscian working for BBC, Phil Baley and he recorded for the Elvis Show in London, The Darts, Shakin 'Stevens, Dave Ballard, Steve Holly, etc.. Iain Terry recorded his first solo-album "Chicken-Shack Shuffle' for Phab Music in 1984. This is rock 'n' roll in company of Bill Haley, Carl Perkins, Johnny & the Hurricanes and Mystery Train. The album sold 90.000 copies worldwide.

Iain Terry co-formed Clive's Jive Five in 1985. They toured extensively and have had many TV-shows and the release of Rockhouse LPL 8906 "Clive's Jive Five." Then the first solo LP for Rockhouse 1989 "Bow-Tie Boogie" (RHLP 8807) and "Rainin' In My Heart" for Razzle Dazzle. After that the reformation of Matchbox came in 1989 with Graham Fenton and Wild Bob Burgos. Since then, they have had extensive touring and recording all the time and they have recorded several solo-LP's along the way. Iain Terry recorded extensively, has had TV and radio work from 1964 to the 80's, toured with and backed a whole host of american artists including: Charlie Gracie (two tours), Terry Byrne, Hayden Thompson, Johnny Olenn and as a highlight of his proffesional career, he backed Muddy Waters and he was one of the only two white people in the band.

In 1993 another solo project was launched which resulted in the release of the Part Records CD "Rock 'til Midnite". A marvellous 16 track CD, 11 of which are originals written by Iain. More recently, Iain formed a new band using his own nickname "Houndog" with Greggi G on double bass. Iain also played on Greggi's latest CD release "Jump, Jive 'n Boogie" (Greggi G and his Crazy Gang). These days Iain is still playing with Alex DelRue, Greggi G and Howard 'H' Gadd in Houndog.

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Rock 'til Midnite, Part-CD 607.001
Jump, Jive & Boogie, Pollytone PEPCD128
Two Sides Of Wild Bob Burgos, Razzle Dazzle RAZ817009
Clive's Jive Five, Rockhouse LPL8906

Picture left: Iain Terry with Shotgun
Picture right: Iain Terry with Clive's Jive Five

More info: http://www.iainterryandfriends.co.uk