Houndog, The Fifties Revisited
Howard "H" GaddGreggi G

Music of the 50s, reproduced with a frightening authenticity by HOUNDOG, one of Europe's top touring bands.

Houndog is:
Greggi G - Double Bass, Vocals
Iain Terry - Guitar, Vocals
Howard "H" Gadd - Piano, Accordion, Vocals
Alex Delrue - Drums, Vocals

Houndog bring alive the music that has been the basis for all pop music spanning the last four decades - Rock'n'Roll! Their classic repertoire includes the wonderful numbers of Bill Haley and his Comets, Hank Williams, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Jerry Lee Lewis and of course the King himself Elvis Presley. All carefully chosen and performed to let you appreciate the superb music of that era, without being overpowered by noise.

The bandmembers having a lot's of experience in studio and on stage and they're also writing their own material, wich you can hear on many CD's and LP's. You have a recipe for an unequalled musical experience. So whether you wish to sit back, listen and watch this musical and visual spectacle or leap to your feet and dance.. you're in for a night to remember with HOUNDOG.

Contact information:
Alex Delrue
Vuurkruiserslaan 44
8500 Kortrijk

Phone: +32-56239691 (job)
Fax: +32-56239695 (job)


Iain Terry
Iain Terry
Alex Delrue
Alex Delrue