Bombs Away, The Hicksville Bombers

The Hicksville Bombers are a rockin' trio from Lincoln, England, who play rockabilly, rockin' blues, country and rock 'n' roll music in a wild and energetic 50's style. Since forming in 1992, they have released two EPs and five CD albums. The Hicksville Bombers have played with a number of bands/musicians including rhythm and blues star Ruth Brown, Charlie Gracie, Lord Sutch, BR5-49, Kieran Kane, Dead Reckoning, Mike Henderson, Jack Scott, The Jets and Matchbox.

The Hicksville Bombers have performed at Hemsby Rock 'n' Roll Weekenders, country shows, The Americana at Newark and toured Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Italy, and New York, USA. In 1997, they were booked to support BR5-49 and Carl Perkins. Their first CD was voted most requested CD in December 1996 on a Seattle radio station. As a result of this they were booked to play a festival in Seattle, USA in September 1997. "Bombs Away" was their second CD, originally released on their own Cool & Crazy label, which is now available for download from Nervous Records.

The Hicksville Bombers at Maidstone, 2003 (Photo by The BlackCat)

The Hicksville Bombers are:
Dave Brown - Guitar, Vocals
Bryn Jones - Drums
Pete O'Brien / Guy Trigg - Double Bass

Albums by The Hicksville Bombers:
Down In The Alabama Jailhouse (Cool & Crazy COOL CD001)
Bombs Away (Cool & Crazy COOL CD002)
Prettiest Girl In Town (Cool & Crazy COOL CD003)
The Devil Made Us Do It (Cool & Crazy COOL CD004)
The Hicksville Bombers (Raucous Records RAUCD 021)
The Best Of The Bombers (Raucous Records RAUCD 154)

More information: 

The deleted second CD album from The Hicksville Bombers "Bombs Away" is available for download from Nervous Records. There are sixteen Hicksville Bombers tracks available, including the popular "Bopper and shaker".

Compiled by The BlackCat, 2005