Hi-Voltage, Red Hot Rockabilly & Country Boogie

Hi-Voltage is a five piece rockabilly band based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Four of the guys have played locally for longer than we care to remember in pub and club format bands, playing straight rock 'n' roll, blues, country and even skiffle at one point with the odd rockabilly number thrown in. But even with moderate success and regular work it wasn't going anywhere and then Paul came into the frame, a well renound guitarist who played with the very successful psychobilly band The Radium Cats so the five of us decided to play rockabilly with the most authentic sound we could possibly get. Things are now taking off and we are continuing to gig up and down the U.K. with offers coming in from europe.

Meet the band:

Keith Turner - lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Keith has a very powerful voice with his influences coming from the early sun artists. One of the best rockabilly vocalists on the scene.

Paul Patterson - lead guitar, steel guitar and backing vocals
Pauls success with The Radium Cats speaks for his talent. His guitar playing will blow you away then he'll bring you back for more with his hot licks on steel.

Jim Anderson - rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Jim is a well known face on the rockin' scene doing his DJ bit throughout the U.K. He gets a lot of country and rockabilly influences from his vast collection, playing rhythm like he means it, filling out the Hi-Voltage sound.

Ian Morris - drums, lead vocals, backing vocals
To Ian, rockabilly drumming should be played simple - less is more. He provides a solid backbeat with a bit of rimshot ala Dicky Harrell. Ian takes lead vocals on a few numbers and has written a lot of great material.

Gordon Fraser - slap bass, backing vocals
Gordon has excellent bass lines and killer slap, he loves to throw in those triples without overdoing it. Feels slap is great for making a song exciting if its thrown in at the right time.

Contact Information:
Phone: +44-(0)131-477-3471