Haywire, Movin'

Haywire came together through friendship and common musical interests. Cathy and I had been playing and writing songs together for a while. One day we started playing a few Rockabilly songs to get warmed up. We enjoyed it so much that we decided to put a band together. Cathy and I have both been in rockabilly bands, so it felt like a natural progression. Since Cathy plays acoustic guitar and I play electric guitar, we needed someone to play upright bass.

We called our friend Rick (who also plays guitar and drums) to see if he might be interested. Luckily he was available, and decided to give it a try. Thus the trio known as Haywire was formed. We rehearsed as many songs as we knew (consistently keeping the feel of 50s Rockabilly), and gradually added more over the months that followed. When we had enough material we decided to book some shows.

Good fortune struck when we called a Borders Book Store. Mike DeVine (a good friend) was working there as special events and entertainment manager. He liked our sound, and had us playing in his store right away. With Mike's assistance we started performing at other Border's locations around Northeast Ohio. We've also performed at many outdoor events, Ohio Bars and Night Clubs, bookstores, and private parties.

Movin', our first CD (2003), is a nice mix of original songs and some of our favorite cover songs. The CD is available through our P. O. Box, at many Northeast Ohio Record Stores, CDBABY.COM and at our shows. Thanks for stopping!

Online interview:
Ohio has many musical sounds running through its 88 veins with rockabilly being one of them. Some might be surprised that the genre isn't just for folks in the valleys and hollows to the south, but there's also a whole of of city folks who like the style that the trio called Haywire presents. Touring on their first 14 cut disc, "Movin'," Westlake guitarist Dennis "Rockin' Denny" Petti traded some thoughts with OhioOnline music correspondent Peanuts over the sound and direction of the group and why things haven't gotten crazy yet for them... Read more >>> 

Haywire are:
Rick Santon - Upright Bass, Background Vocals
Cathy Petti - Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocals
Dennis Petti - Electric Guitar, Lead Vocals

Contact information:
P.O. Box 45437
Cleveland Ohio
44145 U.S.A.


Information provided by Dennis Petti, 2006