Go! Daddy O', Rockabilly from Czech Republic

Go! Daddy O' hails from the Eastern part of Europe, Czech Republic. The band started off in the current line-up in the fall of 2001. Most of Go! Daddy O's members had experiences with other bands already. Petr Zidlicky (guitar) and Frantisek Neubauer (vocal) had met in a rockabilly band called Crazy Wheels, in which they played together for 6 years (1994 - 2000). After Crazy Wheels split up, Petr set up a new band and here we go - Go! Daddy O' were born!

Petr started out with Matej Tresnak on drums, then Frantisek joined and all that was neede to complete the band was a bass man. They found Pavel Ruzicka who changed his favourite guitar for a double bass and he started to play with Go! Daddy O'. Since then they played in clubs and pubs in the Czech Republic. G!DO recorded their first demo in 2002 and they are now preparing a new one (compiled from their own songs). In 2002 they also appeared in the documentary about rock 'n' roll in Czech Republic, called Go Johnny Go! (Jed Honzo, Jed) directed by Igor Chaun. In 2003 they performed on the radio (CR Praha) and in February 2004 on a private radio station Akropolis. There was an article about the band in March issue of Boppin' Around!

End of July 2004 they were billed at the Rumburk Rumble Festival , where a cheering audience was presented with a superb kick-ass rockabilly show. I heard whispering through the grapevine that Go! Daddy O' will be back in Rumburk next year. Don't miss it !!

Go! Daddy O' at the Czech Rumble, 2004 (photo by The BlackCat)

Go! Daddy O' is:
Frantisek Neubauer - Vocals
Petr Zidlicky - Guitar
Pavel Ruzicka - Double Bass
Matej Tresnak - Drums

Contact information:
Phone: +420 603 740 177

Czech Rumble:


Courtesy of Go Daddy O', 2004