Glen Glenn, Interview
Glen Glenn (middle) with The Everly Brothers Born: Glen Troutman
October 24, 1934
Joplin, Missouri

My family moved from Joplin, Missouri, to California when I was thirteen years old. Me and my long-time guitar player, Gary Lambert, were school buddies in California, and we appeared on a television program called "The Country Barn Dance" and other shows. About 1955 I went to Springfield, Missouri, to play with my cousin, Porter Wagoner, on "The Ozark Jubilee", but I got homesick and returned to California to appear on television in Los Angeles in 1957. I was the front man and singer for The Maddox Brothers and Rose. I got a lot of exposure that way, and in January, 1958, I cut a record called "Everybody's Movin'." I cut the master myself over at Gold Star Studios, using my band, and then I pitched the tape to a number of companies. Era Records, an independent, signed me and used the tape as a master recording. Then I was drafted a few months later. That hurt because I couldn't promote my record. I couldn't go on "American Bandstand" and other shows; all I could do is perform on the Army base in Hawaii, where I was stationed. Here I had a pick hit of the week, and I couldn't even take advantage of it. Eddie Cochran was lucky that he didn't have to go into the service. Eddie and me were about the only two rockabillies in California. I think there were so few of us out this way because we never heard Elvis out here on the radio in the early days - 1954, I guess. The stations around Memphis and in the South were playing his Sun records in those times, and the other performers got to hear what was going on. But we never even heard of Elvis Presley in California before "Heartbreak Hotel" came out in 1956. I knew about him before, though, because of the Maddox Brothers and Rose, who kept telling me about this young "cat" - that's what they called him - who recorded for Sun. So I ordered a Sun record that he had made. I said, "Man, he is different!" I've had a lot of records out over the years, and I've had a lot of fun. I've been on tour in Europe and the United States. For years I have worked in a plant here in California. So I've been able to enjoy the best of everything.

Interview by Randy McNutt, Ontario, California, August, 1987