Frantic Vermin, From Rockabilly to Psychobilly

Frantic Vermin was formed in 1982 in Heerenveen by Bert Jan, Marcel, Norbert & Frank as a rockabillyband called The Alley Cats. This was during a time when every band started to call themselves "...Cats" so the name was soon dropped and changed into Frantic Vermin.

During the early 80-s Frantic Vermin developed from rockabilly to psychobilly, without betraying their rockabily roots. In 1986 they appeared on the Cool Cat Go Ape LP and were supporting bands like Frenzy and Batmobile. However also in 1986 3 of the boys were drafted for their militairy service. And that was basically the end of the original band. There was a line-up change, Frank who didn't need to serve, left to form the band Crackle Rattle Bash, he was replaced by a guy called Marko but come 1988 Frantic Vermin was over and done with.

FFWD to 2009. A tape with 2-track "live-in-the-practiceroom" recordings emerged from Bert Jan's loft. It was very well received by the people who had a listen to the songs. Fuelled by this enthousiasm (cheers Tobe!) the boys started to put the band back together again.

In Februari 2010, Frantic Vermin set foot in to the rehearsalroom again for the first time in 20 years, with 3/4 of the original line up. After the first rehearsal it was immediately clear: LET'S GO!

In September 2010 the boys played in England for the first time @ the great Bedlam Breakout weekender, and were asked back to play the next edition aswell! In March 2011 they recorded a 5 track Demo CD, which was received pretty well by rockin' and non-rockin' audiences alike.

Januari 2013: we finalized our first full CD (or if we find something not right, a serious Draft) containing the excrement of 30 years of Frantic Vermin. Seeing we are picky it left us with 13 numbers (Lucky Thirteen) and exactly 42:58 minutes of wall of sound.

We still desciding how to name it, few suggestions; "Big Mistake", "Excrement", "Please do not copy", "Finally", "Please, Please Not", "Greatest Tits", etc... Soundsamples here:

Frantic Vermin are:
Bert-Jan - Vocals & Lead Guitar
Marcel - Dawghouse Bass
Norbert - Drums
Arjan - Rhythm Guitar
Rodney - Sound & More

Contact information:
or Call BertJan at +31(0)655372201

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Courtesy of Frantic Vermin, 2013
Used with permission