The Flytes, Step This Way
Swamp Bop Records SB001, 2003

The Flytes were formed in mid 1999 when Andy bumped into Tom at a rock 'n' roll gig in Kent. Recognising each other from many years on the rockin' scene, they got chatting and soon decided to start jammin' with Nick to see if there was anything worthwhile there. Evidently there was, and the search for a drummer began. Kev Clark (ex Playboys) was approached but before they could perform their first gig he was involved in a car wreck which put him out of action.

Not wishing to let the venue down John was drafted in as a temp but soon made his mark and, with Kevs agreement, was invited to become a permanent member of the line up. In 1962 John was one of the new Blue Caps backing Gene Vincent on his tour of Europe. He also played drums for The Allison's, Mike Sarnes and Buzz Clifford and can be considered a veteran in rock 'n' roll music.

Local demand for the bands authentic approach to the music led to a monthly residency at "The (Rockin') Prince of Wales", Strood in Kent where the band were spotted by a local talent scout this meeting soon produced the 16 track CD "Step This Way" for Swamp Bop Records which was recorded using the "Cellar Sound" technique at Down Home Deke's secret underground studio somewhere in the Medway Delta. Talkin' about their debut album Andy says "It makes young people flinch the way old people do".

The CD features two of Andy's own songs "Step This Way" and "You're The One" along with some interesting reworkings of tunes such as Tarheel Slims "Number 9 Train" and Wynonie Harris's "Lovin' Machine". The band endeavour to play less run of the mill numbers in an original 50's style and in doing so have become one of the biggest rockin' attractions this side of the San Andreas Fault.

The Flytes are:
Andy Knowler - Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Tom Hayes - Lead Guitar
Nick Linton-Smith - Double Bass
John Edwards - Drums

Contact information: 

 Tom Hayes with The BlackCat at Maidstone, 2003