Fying Saucers, Invasion of the Drapes

The Flying Saucers - Sandy Ford (vocals), Nigel Owen (lead guitar), Pete Pritchard (bass) and John Barber (drums) - also nicknamed "Britain's Dixie Dance Kings", whose namepower has been building up over the years - are a highly-polished, well-oiled rock and roll artillery unit, made up of four talented musicians. Such is their enormous popularity that they are working extensively on the club and college circuit, weekenders, plus several highly successtul tours of Europe, earning standing ovations from EEC rock fans. Their first LP for Nevis Records "Planet Of The Drapes" was in the German rock n'n' roll charts for several weeks. Release coincided with a barnstorming tour of the major clubs in West Germany, presenting to cheering audiences what one newspaper called "Wild Rockabilly That Rips At You Like A Cat O'Nine-tails Soaked In Vinegar!".

They had a big enough following to warrant EMI signing them up and releasing a single and an album named "Some Like It Hot" . They play hard, competent rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and earn enough, cynics please note, not to have to worry, overmuch about adverse criticism. No, they don't perform with slicked-back DA haircuts. gold lame suits and blue suede shoes with fat crepe soles. Nor do they spit on stage. comb their hair, or flex their muscles - that sort of thing went out with Sha Na Na. They fall into that unusual class of rock group who were racing up the popularity charts with different sets of audiences: the teenage rockabilly crowd, the Teddy Boys and the traditional rock and roll fans.

They have not only bounced back into the heats of all their older fans, but managed to pick up quite a few young ones too. Many of their 'new' fans realise they've been around for quite a while, but still enjoy what they're doing today - thanks to a foot-blistering stage act. Although there is currently a revitalised interest in the American names in Rocks past, these North London lads could, when necessary, pour out a contemporary blend of rockabilly material which was popular via groups like the Stray Cats. Besides all this, they have worked with such legendary rock and roll superstars as Bill Haley, Chuck Berry and Carl Perkins. They are surely a blast from the past!

2007, Sandy Ford & his Flying Saucers are still doing great, now with his lovely wife Yvonne on the bass guitar, Sandy still puts on a fantastic rock 'n' roll show with enormous energy, amazingly he doesn't seem to get any older. Pictures below taken at the Eddie Cochran Memorial Weekender in Sand Bay (Weston-Super-Mare), September 2007.

Sandy Ford & The BlackCat, 2007

Sandy & Yvonne, Sand Bay Weekender, September 2007