Eric Corton Trio, The Steamin' Rock & Roll Experience

Rock & Roll in its broadest sence. In their own creative style, the Eric Corton Trio revives the repertoire of rock 'n' roll icons like Stray Cats, Eddie Cochran, Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis. Solid, renewing and yet authenticly old fashioned, with an occasional sidestep to the modern era of rockabilly. Songs arranged for several voices, hot guitars and a pounding rhythm are the band's secret weapons. Although they are blowing fresh winds into traditional music, roots music will always be the cradle of their growing repertoire. With the traditional line-up of upright bass, guitar, drums and vocals, the trio is producing a staggering greasy sound with conviction.

Although the Eric Corton Trio hasn't been around for a long time yet, they are already quite well known in Holland. They have presented themselves on satellite television in "Friends of Amstel Live" (RTL4) and they performed at the Dutch rocktemple "Paradiso" (Amsterdam) with the likes of Skik, Sarah en Tröckener Kecks. This show was also broadcasted live on television (RTL5). They can rely on an ever increasing crowd of fans and they have already done a tour in Egypt. The last couple of months they were the support act for the entire Kane (SGYMI) tour, meaning they had the opportunity to perform in twenty of the largest concert halls in Holland, recorded by MTV. Currently the band is planning a tour in the Caribbean (Bonaire and Curacao).

Eric Corton - Guitar and Lead Vocals
Eric never made a secret of his love for rock 'n' roll and roots music, he played in many bands and he was a student at the Academy of Dramatic Art. He was an actor for a while with different theatrical companies and he was highly succesfull with his own TV show "T Dak Eraf". He is still a host for BNN Radio, and now the actor, entertainer, singer and guitarist is back on stage... with the Eric Corton Trio.

Frans Hellemans - Double Bass and Vocals
With twenty years of experience on the rockabilly scene, Frans is a surplus value for the band. He played in many well known bands like The Chevy Cats, Splish Splash and The Hillbilly Boogiemen. He is also appreciated as a guitarist and sound engineer for many music projects. Standing up, lying down, just walking 'round or climbing his double bass, always a smile on his face, his show is always a sight to see.

Pieter Bakker - Drums and Vocals
Without any doubt, Pieter must be the strongest "standing" rock 'n' roll drummer in Holland. Pieter played his energetic rhythms with Splish Splash and The Square Cats, and rumour has it, he has also been seen playing bass, trumpet and tuba. An all round drummer, a metronome, the King of Swing.

Mike - Road Manager
Mike and his brave little dog named "Elvis" are the mainstay of the band. Well, that is, if he can get his Mercedes started. With his experienced musical history, he manages the group and on the road he is also the band's "eyes and ears".

The Eric Corton Trio have their own website, offered to them by one of their biggest fans "webgirl". Although parts of their site are still under construction, it looks pretty neat and it is well worth a visit.

A demo CD titled "Pure & Simple", recorded at SJU Utrecht in June 2001, is now available from the band. The mini CD contains 5 tracks (3 of which are selfpenned originals):

That Thing You Do (The Wonders - A. Schlesinger)
Pure & Simple (Eric Corton)
Not Willing (Eric Corton)
Little Miss Prissy (Brian Setzer)
All The Time (Eric Corton)

Information and bookings:
Wolvenstraat 16
3512CH Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31 (0)30 23 11 166
Mobile: +31 (0)6 5027 2013

Information provided by Frans Hellemans
Translated by The BlackCat, 2001