El Rio Trio, Dutch Rock 'n' Roll and Rockabilly

Rock 'n' Roll, is music style that's in the blood of these guys. They play music with a passion that you can clearly hear in every one of their songs, from Rockabilly to polyphonic Doo Wop, nothing is strange to them! What they like most is the whipping sound of pure Fifties Rockabilly mixed with the rough sounds of the selfwritten numbers they bring on stage. That style we have baptised "Riobilly"!!

Snare Drum, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar and off course Slap Bass are the instruments that make this music great and powerful and off course are not absent at El Rio Trio! The history of El Rio Trio goes way back (2001), when these guys came together to make music in a garage, and had lotsa troubles with the neighbours. Miraculously enough the sound was so good, that these gentlemen grew to be welcome guests on stages in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and even in Norway.

All El Rio Trio members are experienced musicians, who played their first notes when they were barely out of their puberty, and from then on they were only busy making music, which you can hear in their sublime teamwork. Their enthusiasm and energy on stage makes that hot Riobilly sound!

El Rio Trio Live at Rockabilly Highlands, May 2008
Pictures 2008 by Peter:

El Rio Trio 3 (2008), Tombstone CD2088 READ THE REVIEW

Could You, Would You / She's Got It Going On / Big Hunk Of Love/ Friday Night / Secret Agent Man / High Blond Fever / Hot Saturday Night / Chills And Fever / Don't Hang Around Me / Local Boy / It's Late / Sea of Heartbreak / Mr Jailorman / Something Strong / Suspicious Minds

Red Headed Woman (2005), Tombstone Records CD2077

Red Headed Woman / Sweethearts Or Strangers / Love Me / Rockabilly Man / Hot Taco / Where Are You / Cruelty Baby / Worrying Kind / Why Won't You Call Me / Rocking And Flying / Hit Me / Burning Love / Norah Blue

El Gringo (2003), Tombstone Records CD2064

So Long Baby Goodbye / Cunning For The Dog / Hip Shakin' Baby / El Gringo / Casting My Spell / Bad Moonshine / Lonely Heart / Cry All Night / Let's Fall In Love / His Latest Flame / Hot Rod Rockin' / Run Little Chicken / Love Charm / Bop Pretty Baby / I'm Burning

The current line-up of El Rio Trio is:
Hans - Drums and Vocals
Richard - Rhythm Guitar, Blues Harp and Vocals
Wouter - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Bopper - Slap Bass and Vocals

Bands where the boys have played in, besides El Rio Trio are:
Gravediggers, Four Tuney Tunes, Tuney Tunes, Chessnuts, Blackcats, Snake Bite, Haystack Hitones, G.B.B.B, Sterk!, The Stew, Say What, Fab, Mellow Jo & The Hi Tones.

The newest member of El Rio Trio, Wouter, even did conservatory (not finished) and played as far as Russia with a Big Band!! It's almost a lack of education if you haven't seen these guys play!!

So have a look and listen at:

You won't be disappointed!!

Thanks to Bopper and Wouter for their help.
By Rockin' Kees, 2008