El Loco, Rockabilly & Cowboogie!

El Loco was formed in the spring of 1999, by Mike and Rob who started to write songs together. Eventually they had enough songs to record a CD and so they did. The CD was finished in February 2000. By that time El Loco was still a duo. The musicians on the CD are Mike, Rob and the upright-bass was played by ex-Slapping Suspenders, Thomas Schuldt. The drums are sampled. Mats Olsson, who mixed the CD, thought this was really good. He talked to Josef at "Josef's House of Blues," a local pub with lots of rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and blues bands performing live. So now El Loco had a gig. Due to the lack of time, Thomas Schuldt was not able to join the band. Now El Loco had a gig, but no band. Mike called up Robin Looström, a drummer he played with before. Thomas knew about some other bassplayers, so after a lot telephone calls, they got hold of Eric Troestler (ex-Go Getters). Now El Loco was a band.

There have been some gigs since the first at Josef's and the reactions on the live performances as well as the CD have only been positive. El Loco's goal now is to gig a lot and record a new CD, a "real" CD with the band, and if that includes a contract El Loco would be more than pleased.

The sound of El Loco has changed a bit, they've got a more vintage sound now. A kind of Y2K-vintage sound. They call it cowbilly ! The "pre-loco" El Loco CD is available from El Loco's website. Check it out and we hope you'll enjoy your stay.

Members of the El Loco family:
Rob Luke - Vocals, acoustic guitar & harmonica
Eric Troestler - Upright bass
Mike Bonanza - Guitars, banjo & vocals
Rob the Bomber - Drums

El Loco has split up, members have started a new band named:
Mike Bonanza an' the Trailer Park Cowboys