Eddie Angel, A legend in his own time

Eddie Angel, Bob E. Rock and Tex Rubinowitz
(Photograph courtesy of Jim Kirk, No Club Music)

 Eddie Angel, A legend in his own time
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 Los Straitjackets in The Netherlands

By now everybody who likes rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and/or surfmusic must have heard of Eddie Angel. If you have listened to only one of Eddie recordings you know that this man is a legend in his own lifetime. Playing awesome guitar with legends like Ronnie Dawson and Link Wray and a very active recording artist as well. Eddie recorded with Tex Rubinowitz' band "The Bad Boys", Martha Hull (both on Ripsaw label), the legendary rockabilly revival band "The Planet Rockers" (with Sonny George), "Eddie Angel's Dinosaurs", "The Neanderthals" and "Los Straitjackets" and of course he had some great solo-issues, amongst which self-penned "Rampage". Eddie plays a mean guitar in every genre he picks up, rock 'n' roll, rockabilly, surf, garage, you name it, Eddie plays it!

Though Eddie's name pops up quite often on the Internet, nothing much is really known about him. Luckily I got some info from Jimmy "The Kid" Kirk, former co-owner of Ripsaw Records, the label where Eddie first started out. I also surfed the net collecting snippets that will give you a good idea about what Eddie stands for. As for myself, I just love to play his records real loud, just try his self-penned "Rampage" on for size!

Eddie Angel (do we think that's a stage name? Yes we do!)
Real name: Eddie Heeran
Home town: Albany NY
Instrument: Guitar
Sign: Pisces
Favorite Food: Tacos
Hobbies: Auto Racing, Hang Gliding


Eddie Angel with Los Straitjackets, Live on Spanish TV, June 2003

Eddie Angel's Guitar Party (CD). Los Straitjackets guitarista Eddie Angel recorded this pet project & issued it on the tiny No Hit label in the UK, then reissued it on CD in the US on Art Bourasseau's MuSick Recordings. The Eddie Angel's Dinosaurs's "Jurasic Beat" c/w "Caveman" single comes from this album. Over all sound is more garage than surf. Still, there's enough coolness and reverb in the tracks to please the most dedicated reverbivore. "Werewolf" is the great Frantics tune from the Pacific Northwest, covered more familiarly by the Ventures as "Fourth Dimension." With Eddie, simple progressions and very little melody doesn't mean boring. Eddie has always been able to carry off simplest non-melody tracks and make them shine!

Eddie Angel's Guitar Party (MuSick Recordings). Local surf label MuSick brings us the guitar twang of Eddie Angel in his pre-Los Straightjackets incarnation. Showcasing the better and more variegated side of modern surf music, this raw recording features a whole lotta upright bass. The record claims to have real dinosaurs on it, as well as more plausibly boasting a whole assortment of percussive instruments and horns. High points include the twisty "Kawanga," the rockabilly sting of "Itchy Chicken" and the far out "Mumbling Beatnik." Recorded in 1993 in the U.K., this is rumble and wail that doesn't get monotonous and redundant as quickly as the bulk of instro-surf tends to. Dick Dale fanatics, behold. -Geeta Dalal-

Eddie Angel "Guitar Party" CD (MuSick; 202 W Essex Ave; Lansdowne, PA 19050) That's Eddie Angel, not Johnny Angel, though there's a '50s tie in with Johnny's big brother, Link. Eddie plays guitar in Los Straightjackets, a new sign on Zombie Au Go Go. I also saw him back up Ronnie Dawson, who like Eddie has recorded at Toe Rag studio in London. You know that sound from any Thee Headcoat recording. But on this, that raw, uncooked, tribal sound muscles your face with punchy hillbilly/surf influences. Of great interest for the Strummin' Mental instro crowd. This labor of love came out on Damaged Goods wax back in '94 and here issued on cd within easy distro states side. A big, clear take on the ground ploughed by Freddy King and Link Ray, so you know it sound great with bourbon and a cold six pack. (BK)

Eddie Angel "Guitar Party" (No Hit LP).
Dang it, just as I go to review the darn record I can't find it. Anyway, this is a vinyl release from No Hit Records of England, known for their Ronnie Dawson (and Dave & Deke Combo) releases. Eddie Angel is the guitar player in the popular Los Straitjackets band (and is/was the guitar player of the rockabilly Planet Rockers) but this album has moved me more than anything else he's ever done. A whole bunch of guitar instrumentals ranging from Link Wray-styled stuff to surf style stuff to hard-drivin' 50's instrumental styled stuff and more. He plays the heck outa his guitar on this one. Pick it up and you won't regret it.

Another No Hit release: Eddie Angel's Dinosaurs, Jurassic Beat c/w Caveman (No Hit 45rpm Single 1993)

A note from Roger Park: After a Los Straitjackets gig I approached guitarist Eddie Angel and asked him what the hell he and his buddies were playing '60s-style surf music in 1995. "We're just meant to do this," answered Angel. The way he said it, you got the feeling that God had come down from on high and personally asked Angel to carry the surf rock torch.

NRBQ mastermind Terry Adams visited Sundazed Studios so he and Bob could put the finishing touches on our upcoming Neanderthals' release. Featuring Los Straight Jackets guitar-slinger Eddie Angel, The Neanderthals' sound harks back to the glory daze of good time frat-rock ala the Kingsmen, the Trashmen, Link Wray etc.. Terry and Bob have it souped-up and ready to roar out of the garage in just a short while... Also, Terry will be back in town soon to work on the NRBQ Live At Ludlows Garage vintage tapes that will also be released on Sundazed!

Scribbles from a concert review: Next on the agenda were the "No Hit Eecords All Star Band." Celebrating 10 years of the British-based label, with Brian Neville playing drums, and Eddie Angel (Planet Rockers, Los Straitjackets) on guitar, it was obvious that we were in for something special. "Casbah", the haunting instrumental from Eddie's Guitar Party album on the label, grabbed everyone's attention. Eddie's all-time smash "Rampage" still sounded beautiful and delivered delicious chills.

Los Straitjackets; "Les James Lesters' drumming is beyond compare and the dueling guitars of Danny Amis and Eddie Angel are otherworldly... For the best in unstrumental surf rock, look no further." --The Fritz, FL

Various Artists; Rock Don't Run. Eddie Angel (Los Straitjackets) has a nifty label called Spin Out that issues cool basic rockin' stuff from all over the planet. This compilation gathers together 12 bands from 4 countries doin' 18 instros. All in all, a very good compilation.

Hunker Down With Those Legendary Shack-Skakers (Spinout Records). You still can found some real music even from Nashville. This is second release of this absolutely excellent blues-a-billy band. Eddie Angel (Planet Rockers, Los Straitjackets) has produced this record, alltought there hasn’t been much of production. This CD is very lively collection of songs, mostly written by the band. Covers are "Love Bug Crawl" and old Ray Smith favourite "Right Behind You Baby". Shack-Shakers’ style is great mixture of blues and rockabilly. Very refreshing in these days.

The Neanderthals: The Latest Menace To The Human Race (Get Hip). Get Hip is pleased to present the CD release of The Neanderthal's Not Hit LP. This album is full of killer '50s style rock 'n' roll tunes with hilarious lyrics! Featuring the songwriting talents and guitar mastery of Eddie Angel (Lost Straitjackets and Planet Rockers) and a singer that's certifiable, you know you're in for a good time with the Neanderthals whether live or on record! Includes two CD-only cuts. http://www.juvalamu.com/neanderthals

Eddie Angel's Dinosaurs
705 Farrell Road
TN 37220
Eddie Angel, photo by Ad SchijvenaarsEddie Angel
The BlackCat
The BlackCat on Eddie's DiPinto Galaxie Guitar (well, kinda... LOL)