Bryant Trenier & The Dynasonics, Out now!
El Toro ET 1003

The Dynasonics are a Seattle based four piece band who play rock and roll the way it was played at it's inception; hard, cool, and always from the heart. As if time had stood still and you were looking at a true pioneer of rock and roll, this band possesses all of the talent, drive, passion, and restlessness of a young Johnny Burnette or Gene Vincent.

Since they first took the stage in 1998, they have appeared with the likes of Kim Lenz and her Jaguars, Ray Condo and his Ricochets, Hal Peters and the Stringdusters, Deke Dickerson and the Ecco Fonics, Jerry Merrit, The Stillmen, Claude Trenier, and a host of others at San Francisco's Greaseball and Viva Las Vegas. They have also headlined (and sold out) numerous venues in Seattle, Portland, and Vancouver. Everywhere they go and everyone they've played with and for, has given them the rating of A+, so prepare yourself for a dose of rock and roll played the old fashioned way.

Their first release on El Toro Records has just been released and it  contains the following eight tracks, seven of which are Dynasonics originals, keep an eye out for this one:

Side A:
Kiss Me Once (Trenier/Svirida)
Going Going Gone (Trenier/Svirida)
Homeward Bound (Trenier/Svirida)
Don't Leave Me This Way (Trenier/Svirida)
Side B:
Burn Love (Trenier/Svirida)
Ride With Me (Trenier/Svirida)
The Only Girl I Love (Trenier/Svirida)
Southbound Line (Pendarvis)

Contact Information:
The Dynasonics
P.O. Box #95154
Seattle, WA 95154

Courtesy of Carlos Diaz, El Toro Records