Ducktail, Amusement & Rockabilly Music

Ducktail stands for AmuseBilly. Rock 'n' roll & rockabilly according to their own ideas. Raging & refreshing, with a touch of amusement and a big smile. Founded in the mid-eighties as a trio, Ducktail played original 50's rockabilly performing in the Netherlands and Belgium. One of the highlights in their first period (before 1992) was the opening act for the Jets (UK) at the Rigy Bemd festival.

In 1992 the bass player left Ducktail. Guitarist Piet introduced Jan (double bass) who played together with him in a shit-kickin' hickabilly band called "Blazin' Saddles". Hessel, Ducktail's sound engineer, turned out to be an excellent singer and performer. Together with Frank (drums) they started a new Ducktail era. From 50's rock 'n' roll to amusebilly: rock 'n' roll and rockabilly music mixed with 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's pop and "deutsche schlagers" with a touch of amusement. Maybe this new sound was not very amusing to the real 50's lovers, but they gathered a fast growing audience. People who never experienced rockabilly before became real enthusiastic after they met Ducktail. Besides their musical skills Ducktail's front man & lead singer Hessel has a unique stage show, mostly not done by any other rockabilly band. He rides the band's equipment, plays inflatable plastic guitars, flies, crawls, runs, creeps, makes strange noises and comes up with all kinds of alternative texts.

In the 90's Ducktail became a very popular band in the Netherlands. They performed live on the biggest pop radio station (Radio 3), did the opening act for world famous bands like 'The Golden Earring' and played at a lot of pop festivals. To be honest: they did not play much on original rockabilly festivals at all, but... who cared?

Their music: rockabilly-styled pop covers from Golden Earring, Bruce Springsteen, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Queen, U2, The Who, Nancy Sinatra, The Blues Brothers, Status Quo, Soft Cell, Romantics, Brian Setzer, The Troggs, Normaal, Drafi Deutscher etc. etc... Beside the pop covers they never turned their back to their original roots and always include 50's rockabilly & rock 'n' roll songs from gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, Johnny Burnette, Johnny Cash, and many others in every show. Also their self penned rockabilly songs are very popular with the fans.

 CD Cover "Who The Hell's Billy?"

Ducktail has a rich history, playing hundreds of shows, and they still have two original members (Piet & Frank) from the first line up from the mid eighties. They also have a CD out titled "Who The Hell's Billy?".
Free (full) MP3s and video clips are available from the band's website.

Ducktail line up:
Hessel Engelsman - Vocals, Amusement
Jan Wemmenhove - Double Bass
Piet van Herk - Guitar
Frank Scheepens - Drums, Vocals

Contact information:
Frank Scheepens: +31 (0)40 2015318


Courtesy of Piet van Herk, 2003