The Dragons, Rockabilly Trio from Northern Italy

Hello everybody, I'm Sam from The Dragons. Milan is our hometown, even if only one of us lives in the city. We're playing many gigs there every week. Of course we do other venues and rockabilly meetings in Nothern Italy too. This band is quite new, we started playing on new year's eve 2004 without any rehearsal, I don't really remember how this happened! The band's faorite style is 50s rockabilly, played in a personal way, but we also like to mix in other influences like blues, late 50s and early 60s rock 'n' roll and instrumental surf.

The band is made up as follows:
Sam - Guitars & Vocals. I like a guitar playing that goes right into your teeth, mean and essential, but when the song or the groove needs it, I think one should be able to get smoother and softer. And anyway the most important thing for me is play and sing with a feeling - you have to express something! I've been playing with other rockabilly bands like the Hi-Shakers for the past 3 years, one year with Matteo, the doublebass player of the Dragons. We two also play in a drumless hillbilly-rockabilly trio (Elvis, Scott & Bill) called "Perry and the Dragons" and I have another project on my own, a punk'n'roll trio called "Hellzapoppin". I played in Finland a few times, backed by the drummer and doublebass from the Roadracers, and after the first gigs received good approval by the audiences, some guys called me back there to do the Midsummer Jamboree last June, one of the biggest meetings in that country.

Matteo - Doublebass & Fenderbass. The Dragons' slapping unit! He has been in the rockin' scene for more than 15 years and he still rocks! He has a very deep musical knowledge, especially in music styles that go to the roots of rockabilly (jump blues, honky tonk, swing) and he has been playing with many bands, including a swing orchestra together with our drummer Martino. He's been in Texas a few times where he had the chance to get more and more into the music and see many good artists.

Martino - Drums. An eclectic player (plays also hard rock and 60s Mersey beat). He has played and studied swing and jazz too, and played in a few rockabilly bands in the past. His various styles and technique are very important in creating the band's sound.

Contact information: 
Phone: +39 3472118598

Courtesy of The Dragons,
Used with permission, 2005