The Donettes, Pitchin' Woo

Hotter than a 302 V8 in overdrive, The Donettes (from Seattle, Washington) deliver a one-two rockabilly punch with the emphasis on bad influences and good times. The group was formed late in 1999, by Rebecca Kemberling and Kirsten Ballweg. Rebecca had been writing songs and pretending to answer phones at an infamous Seattle recording studio and Kirsten was playing bass in a rockabilly gone honky-tonk band. They met, decided to start a band, and quickly discovered they both loved pie, men, whiskey, yodeling, chemistry experiments, rockabilly and knocking over convenience stores (not really). The Donettes were born soon after, initially as an all-female band. Early in 2000, the band decided they'd like some eye-candy to play with, and if the men could play an instrument, well... that'd be all right too. Thank heaven for Johnny Seven and his skillful lead guitar. He joined the band after the gals made promises of panty-clad pillow fights after every show. Next to join the band was Sarah on rhythm guitar - with her dirty little mind and big Gibson, she was a perfect fit. Finally - the band hooked up with Mike Daugherty, a drummer from Baltimore whose good looks are only outweighed by his diligent rudiments.

In April of 2001, The Donettes self-released a 45 featuring "Straight Shootin' Daddy" and "Hey! Little Boy Scout". It made a splash and got rave reviews from Blue Suede News and the fans who snapped up the hot pink vinyl. The Donettes won the band competition at the Viva Las Vegas 2001 Rockabilly weekender and their song "Straight Shootin' Daddy" is on the VLV4 CD put out by No Hit Records in the UK. They were the first band to play live at the new KEXP 90.3, Experience Music Project radio station in Seattle - a live 5 song set on their favorite radio show, Shake the Shack with DJ Leon Berman.

The Donettes released "Pitchin' Woo" - their first CD - in December of 2001. The CD was produced by The Donettes and engineered by Billy Horton of Ft. Horton Studios in Austin, Texas. Horton recorded the band live at Avast Studio in Seattle, with vintage microphones, and a technique reminiscent of early Owen Bradley. Horton put the finishing touches on the tracks at Johnny Seven's Cleopatra Studios (Seattle) then took the whole she-bang back to Austin to mix and master.

The Donettes just finished a Northwest tour with Wanda Jackson, as the backing band for the Queen of Rockabilly and opening the show with a crowd pleasing set. They are currently busy writing songs for their next release. The band will be touring West of the Mississippi in the fall of 2002, and hope to make it to Europe in the spring of 2003.

The Donettes are:
Rebecca Kemberling - Vocals & Single
Kirsten Ballweg - Upright Bass & Single
Jonathan Stuart - Lead Guitar & Going Steady
Sarah Bratsch - Rhythm Guitar & Married
Mike Daugherty - Drums & Married (to the bottle)

Information & Bookings:
Phone: (US) 206-999-9416

Courtesy of Rebecca Kemberling
Used with permission, March 2002