Dixie Fried, Rockabilly From The Heart

In September 2003 at the Rockabilly Highlands party I saw and heard Dixie Fried live on stage for the first time. I can only say that I was very much impressed. These guys look good, play good, and they put up one heck of an authentic rockabilly show. The opening tribute to the Man in Black, Johnny Cash, who sadly passed away the day before, was quite emotional and I think I even saw some tough rockabillies quickly wiping a tear from their eye. Then the band proceeded with a hour full of great bopping classics from the likes of Carl Perkins, Johnny Burnette, Sid King & The 5 Strings, and many others, and the crowd (myself included) were stunned. This is one fantastic rockabilly outfit, and if you ever get a chance to catch these guys on stage in a bopping place near you, make sure you don't miss out!

Dixie Fried hail from Utrecht and the band is named after a song Mr. Carl Perkins recorded at the Sun Studio's in the 1950s. The spirit of the fifty's instantly catches you when hearing Dixie Fried play their rockabilly music. This quartet from the lowlands of Holland plays the good old rockin' songs from their rockabilly, hillbilly & country heroes like Johnny Burnette, Gene Vincent, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams and of course Mr. Blue Suede Shoes, Carl Perkins. The acoustic guitar, upright bass, electric guitar and snare-drum together with their three part harmonies sound like coming right out of a good old fifty's jukebox. Just fine to dance on and a pleasure to listen to.

These guys know exactly what performing good music is all about since the band has been performing in many bars, festivals and all kinds of party's. Their fine live act togheter with their feeling for the perfect atmosphere makes DixieFried the band you sure don't want to miss!

Gert-Jan - Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Martijn - Upright Bass
Arend - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Floor - Snare & Vocals

Contact information:
Dixie Fried
Anton Geesinkstraat 26
3552 BB Utrecht
The Netherlands
Phone +31(0)30-2421619 or +31(0)6-51064643

Information provided by Dixie Fried, 2003
Additional notes & live pictures by The BlackCat, September 2003