Dick Dandruff & The Snowy Mountains, Rockabilly Blues

Dick Dandruff & The Snowy Mountains hail from the midsouth area in Holland (around Eindhoven) and they have been playing together for quite a number of years. When bluesharp player Peter van Duijnhoven joined the band some 2 years ago they really got off and started gigging more often. All members are dyed-in-the-wool musicians, and they present a variety of roots music that is just too good to ignore. Although they have not yet released any records, some great demo songs can be heard and downloaded from the band's website.

I went to see this band last Sunday, and I was very much impressed. Right from the kick off with the Dutch surf classic from The Treble Spankers "Red Hot Navigator", which is blended into a medley with some other great surf tunes titled "Dick's Surf", Rob's screeching Gretsch 6120 Blue Sunburst guitar surely raised the hairs in my neck. A fabulous backline with hard hitting drums and a thumping upright bass (Alex & Ad), and Peter blowing his bluesharp as if his life depended on it, I was in for a treat all night long!

The band is inspired by the likes of Lester Butler, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Paladins, Nightporters, Reverend Horton Heat and Los Straitjackets. They play, as they say themselves, rockabilly and blues and everything in between. That includes surf and a bit of neo-rockabilly. When they played "Time To Cry" and "Devil Woman" from the Red Devils, they made my day! The way Peter blows his harp is incredible, I would be out of breath after just one song, but this guy just keeps on blowing and sucking his tunes through his Hering Vintage harps and Fender Bassman amp relentlessly. Peter is a Lester Butler fan and he learned some tricks of the trade from harpmaster Ben Bouman. I also remember a superb rendition of The Collins Kids' "Mercy" and a very cool "Stray Cat Strut" from, you guessed it, The Stray Cats. Definitly a gig to remember!

Dick Dandruff & The Snowy Mountains at Cafe Govers, Geffen, 2007/02/11

The Musicians:
Peter Van Duijnhoven - Vocals, Bluesharp
Rob Van Herpen - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Ad Smits - Upright Bass, Backing Vocals
Alex 'The Train' Richter - Drums

Contact information:
Phone: +31 (0)6-54677404 or +31 (0)492-366407

The BlackCat, 2007