The Corsairs - If it's too loud, you're too old

Mark Loveridge founded The Corsairs in 1995 with Neil Greenaway and Craig Baird. Within three years they became Oxfordshire's premier Rockabilly band. Thier popularity was so high, they were asked to open a Christmas Shopping Extravaganza by performing in public in the centre of Oxford. The large crowds that gathered to listen caused such traffic flow problems that the local bus company requested that they never again be allowed play in the centre of Oxford.

The trio split in 1989 because of personal commitments, reforming again in December 2000 to record a CD "Under The Covers". It was during the recording of the CD that they decided to reform the band and go on the road again. Craig was unable to dedicate the time that would be involved so guitarist Ritchie Hopper stepped into his shoes. The band continued with this line-up until June 2002, when Ritchie left. Craig, the original guitarist, rejoined the line-up at this time to recreate the original Corsairs once again.

Mark plays the double bass and is lead vocalist. Mark started playing the bass at age 11. By age 13 he was playing rock 'n' roll in the band "Rockin' Lord Lee and the Outlaws", touring Europe and supporting such legendary names as Carl Perkins and Gene Vincent's Blue Caps. Rockin' Lord Lee and the Outlaws signed two recording contracts with Rockhouse and Rockstar Records and continued playing into the mid 1990's all over the rock 'n' roll circuit. Marks playing of the double bass is the hottest, most excellent rhythm section you are likely to see, and his powerhouse vocals and onstage antics make him the bands very energetic frontman.

Craig was welcomed back to the Corsairs in June 2002 after Ritchie Hopper's departure. Mark originally met Craig in a local music shop. Craig at that time had never heard of 50's music, and even more so, the Corsairs were to be his first band. After just three weeks of rehearsals, Craig was thrown in at the deep end on his first gig with the band in 1995. Craig played lead guitar until the split in 1998 but rejoined Mark and Neil in December 2000 to record "Under The Covers". Craigs punchy and solid guitar playing has given another dimension to the Corsairs rockabilly sound. Craigs musical influences are Led Zeppelin, the Who and Paul Weller etc... Since joining the band Craig has found himself listening to Johnny Burnett, Eddie Cochran, Brian Setzer and the Stray Cats.

The Corsairs started gigging again in August 2001 and since then have played Canvey Island R & R Club, the Thunderbird (twice), the Pink Cadillac, the Hounddog R & R Club, the Carl Shoulton R & R Club and the Changes Rocking Club in Birmingham, which is Big Daddy's Club. They have also supported the Jets at the Rec R & R Club. They have made appearances at Hot Rod and Classic Car meetings and have played at the Eddie Cochran Festival at Chippenham, appearing with the legendary Scotty Moore and a host of other acts and at the Ace Cafe, London. The Corsairs are playing 2 or 3 gigs each week. They are looking for more work on the R & R scene and hope that their blend of music from the 50's onward, played in their own inimitable way with huge amounts of energy while keeping it fun and good to dance to, will bring them more bookings of this sort.

The Corsairs have had excellent reviews in Southern Rock magazine, and are hoping more clubs will give them an opportunity to show their own brand of style and energy. The Corsairs are guaranteed not to disappoint. Information for Clubs and Promoters: The Corsairs material includes Eddie Cochran, Johnny Burnett, Sonny Fisher, Carl Perkins, Dave Edmunds and many others. Their repertoire also includes some original songs.

The Corsairs are:
Mark Loveridge - Vocals, Double Bass
Craig Baird - Lead Guitar
Matthew Channels - Drums


Contact & bookings:
Mark Loveridge
37 Coopers Piece
OX10 8LD
Great Brittain
Phone: +44 1491 201 695 

Information provided by Mark Loveridge, 2005