In Memory of Colin "Eddie" Edwards

Colin (Eddie) Edwards, slap bass player of rockabilly band Breathless, collapsed and died on May 21, 2003 aged 40.

Breathless, formed in the late seventies, consisting of Crazy Cavan's two brothers Colin and Pat Grogan, lead guitarist Robert Davies, rhythm guitarist lan Haines, and Colin "Eddie" Edwards.

They cut their first EP titled "Sock Hop Boppin'" for Magnum Force in 1981. Breathless, like Crazy Cavan, wrote their own songs - Eddie wrote "Gonna Be A Star" on this one. In 1985 their first self written album appeared on the French Big Beat label, titled "Bad Bad Boys" where Eddie wrote the song "Runnin' Scared". This year also saw Eddie playing on Ben Hewitts' Bear Family album. Some of these tracks have recently appeared on the Bear Family CD: Ben Hewitt "The Spirit of Rock 'n' Roll".

Eddie and Breathless made many tours of France and Finland in those years, where they made many friends and built a large following. 1989 saw the release of their second Big Beat album "Twilight Zone". The sinister sounding "Vampire Girl" was Eddie's contribution. Breathless finished lettin' of steam and disbanded in 1992 but not before their final tour of Spain known as the "Saddle Tramp Tour", where they were joined by big brother Cavan Grogan and Freddie "Fingers" Lee, resulting in the "Saddle Tramps" album on Spanish Welcome Records.

Eddie also played on the two Lyndon Needs' albums "Cool School Days" and "Guitar Crazy" (Magnum Force), on four tracks of Crazy Cavan's 1982 album "Hey Teenager" and on three tracks of Crazy Cavan's "Wild, Weird & Crazy" in 1996. Cavan and the boys always said he was the best slap bass player of this generation. That bass was part of him - he didn't look right without it !


Courtesy of Isabelle Martinez