The Coleman Family are "The Class of '58"

The hills are alive with the sound of music - and it's Rock 'n' Roll!!

The Class of '58 are one of Europe's premier and best loved 50's Rock & Roll bands and consists of Howie (Dad) on Guitar/Vocals, Chris (Mam) on Double Bass/Vocals, and their sons Johnny, on Drums/Vocals and Davie on Piano/vocals.

The band, this year, are celebrating 14 years of playing together - and still going strong !! The Class of '58 is probably the most versatile, hard-working and unique bands playing '50's Rock 'n' Roll music today.

Versatile - because their set consists of the whole spectrum of '50's music - Classics, Jive, Doowop, Rockabilly, Boogie Woogie.

Hardworking - because their Gig List is a testament to their desire to put their music out there, which is reflected by how busy they are.

Unique - because the band is made up from all the members of the complete family unit - Mam, Dad,and 2 sons. Where-as it might not be too unusual to come across bands occasionally with siblings, or a relative, or one parent in, an ENTIRE complete family is unique - especially playing '50's Rock 'n' Roll!

Many years ago, a well respected veteran of the music industry christened them, just like the Whitehouse, "The First Family of Rock 'n' Roll".

First - because they were the first entire family to play together, and they paved the way for others to follow, making it more acceptable to promoters to give youngsters a chance to play.

First - because the entertainment they provide is Premier (something they're all very proud of).

Charlie Gracie once said : "They sound like they've been playing together for 40 years!" - and that was over a decade ago, when the boys were still in Primary school!!

The band, over the years, has played extensively throughout Britain, Europe and the rest of the World, playing anywhere and everywhere - From Rock & Roll gigs, to Holiday Resorts, Festivals to VIP & Corporate Events, to Cruise Ships! Earning the reputation as a high quality band that always comes up with the goods!

Whether you want to dance, or just watch the show, this is the band for you, and a great night is guaranteed. The hills are alive with the sound of music? The Von Trapps never sounded like this!

"The Class of '58" will be undertaking a two-week European tour from around August 22nd - September 5th 2016. We will be sailing to Caen, France then travelling across Europe, Including the Netherlands, where we currently already have two gigs. For more information - Biographies, History of the Band, Gig lists and Tour Dates etc. Please visit "The Class of '58" Official Webpage and/or social media!

Contact information:
John Coleman
PR Manager & Drummer
Phone: +44 7432 500984

Information provided by John Coleman, 2016
Used with permission