Chuck Wagon Rock 'n' Roll Show, Feat. Alun Lewis
Left: Alun Lewis

Alun Lewis who plays Guitar, Mandolin, and Vocals, previously starred in a English TV Soap called "Birds of a Feather" as "Darryl Stubbs", he also starred in another English TV Soap called "Emmerdale", and was also a founder member of the Woolpackers. David Roberts who plays Double Bass and Vocals used to play in a Bill Haley Tribute Band called "Phil Haley & his Comments". John Taylor who plays Drums and Vocals used to play in a Showband called "Morris and The Minors".

Early in 2011 David was playing guitar at a local "Jam Night" where Alun Lewis was playing guitar with the local "Jam Night" guys, and after a couple of weeks, Alun and David were sat having a drink when David mentioned that he once played Double Bass in a Rock 'n' Roll Band called "Phil Haley & his Comments", Alun asked if he still had a double bass, and David replied No. Alun said that he was forming a Authentic 1950's style Rock 'n' Roll Show Band, and could not find a double bass player, and would he consider buying one?

John Taylor

David Roberts

When David found out that Alun had not only been a TV Soap Star in "Birds of a Feather", and also starred in "Emmerdale" on British Television, but he had also been in a band called the "Woolpackers" who in 1998 had a top ten hit with "Hillbilly Rock", he decided to buy a double bass and when he saw Alun again he told him that he now had a double bass, and they started to find a suitable drummer to complete the present lineup.

A few weeks later at the same jam night David saw a drummer called John Taylor who he remembered from the late 1970's, John had only called in for a drink, and David told John that they were looking for a drummer to complete the lineup, and that is how the band started.

They then began to rehearse in a local studio, and started getting bookings in the latter part of 2011. Chuck Wagon play songs by various artists including Elvis Presley, Big Joe Turner, Warren Smith, Carl Perkins, Chuck Berry, Steve Earle, Gene Vincent, Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, Cliff Richards, Rory Gallagher, to name but a few!!!

David Roberts for Chuck Wagon Rock n Roll Show.

Chuck Wagon Rock 'n' Roll Show is:
Alun Lewis - Guitar, Vocals
David Roberts - Double Bass, Vocals
John Taylor - Drums, Vocals

Contact information:

Tel: +44 7710-967428 or +44-7738 531551

Press release by David Roberts, 2012
Used with permission