Chris Evans, Original French Rockabilly

Chris Evans (real name Christian Voron) is one of the most important French rock 'n' roll / rockabilly revival singers. He began his career in the late seventies, influenced by Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran and also Johnny Hallyday! He develops his own style with self penned songs and wild stage shows. His first record is a 10 inch LP on Big Beat Records in 1980 titled "Original Rockabilly", which was success in France, but also in Spain and Italy where his record was released on 12" LP. The same year, Chrisdid a lot of gigs, playing at the Olympia theatre in Paris with Vince Taylor.

The next year, he publishes a 10 inch EP with four songs in french "Ma Pin-Up Est Une Grosse Truie", which included a tribute to Carl Perkins on the Hank Williams' song "Kaw-Liga". Chris Evans played with Jack Scott, Sonny Fisher, Gene Summers, Eddie Fontaine, and many more. In 1982, he became his own producer and registered a lot of records, vinyls and CDs principaly in French language, but also someone in english, among which: "Rockabilly" EP on Savas Records (1985), "The Day The World Turned Blue", "Git It" (tribute to Gene Vincent) EP on El Cocodrilo Records (1992) and a lot of unissued tracks which will be included on a new album to be issued at the end of 2005.

In 2002, Chris did a successful tour in Spain accompagned by Spanish group "Peter King Band", and recorded a duet with the beautiful and talented Lola Massey. In 2004, he played and recorded a Live concert with legendary musicians Bobbie Clarke (Vince Taylor's drummer) and Joey Greco (Johnny Hallyday's lead guitarist in 1964). The digipak CD call "Joey and the Showmen" is a great moment of pure rock 'n' roll.

Chris Evans and his band "The Silver Stars" have lots of plans. The next year will be Chris' "30 years of Rock'n'roll" anniversary!

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Courtesy of Chris Evans, 2005