The Chevy Cats, Rockabilly Trio

The Chevy Cats

Unfortunatly The Chevy Cats broke up ages ago, still I think they've earned their spot in this Hall Of Fame for their enormous effort of keeping rockabilly alive and kicking in their home country, The Netherlands, and throughout Western Europe. Chevy Cats was one of those bands you would never see on the hitparade, and their two releases never even sold very well at that time. Too bad you didn't get 'em then, because now they are much sought after collector's items. Their music was rockabilly, in the only true sense of the word. A mix of the Johnny Burnette Trio and Carl Perkins, with many influences of Sid King and his Five Strings. What better combination can you think of? If you were part of the rockabilly scene in the eighties, you couldn't have missed this band. They were all over Holland and Western Europe. It seemed to me they were always there, where-ever I went rockin'. The Queen's Birthday Party, Rocking Ballhouse, Happy Days, Cruise Inn, you name it, they played it. On posters and flyers they were announced as "Chevy Cats, Rockabilly Trio" and that's just what they were. A three piece band that, just as Elvis, Scotty and Bill, could make their gigs sound as if there were 5 members on stage.

The Chevy Cats released two memorable items, a 45 with "Don't Look Back" b/w "Please Don't Leave Me" and a 10" rarity titled "Lonsesome Train". The 10" only had 5 songs on it, side A was Johnny Burnettes "Lonesome Train" at 78 rpm (yes, this was 1986) and the B-side 4 songs (Jumprope Boogie, Can't Find The Doorknob, Why Oh Why, Tear It Up) plus "Lonesome Train" in a 33 rpm version.

They had their moment of fame in 1987, when they were on  Veronica's popular radio-show "Live at the Countdown Cafe". From this show I especially remember their version of Andy Star's "Rockin' Rollin' Stone", or maybe I remember it so well, because they played it on almost every live-gig. It was one of the best cover versions I ever heard and I'm glad I taped the show at that time, because I still enjoy listening to it very often.

The Chevy Cats were:
Paul - Slappin' Bass
Hans - Drums & Vocals
Frans - Guitar & Vocals

45 rpm Single Cover

Picture above:  Guitarist Frans playing a special solo for my daughter Melanie (Vlijmen - Holland 1988)

Picture above:  Hans en Paul just visiting a gig in Utrecht (May 27, 2000)

2007: Good news! The Chevy Cats are back!! Check this out:

The BlackCat, 2000-2007