Catslappin' Chrissy, Rockabilly From The South


Catslappin' Chrissy have their roots in both The Netherlands (Kristel, Charles, Martijn) and Belgium (Michel), they kicked off on some cold winternight early 2004 when four musicians came together and decided to turn up the heat. They threw their common love for rock 'n' roll, blues and country in a kettle and stirred it up. You can hear the results of these cooking adventures on the first demo-cd of the band (samples available from the band's website).

What's in a name? The name Catslappin' Chrissy resulted from the fact that drummer Charles lives in Helmond, a major city in the south of he Netherlands. People from Helmond have always been known as Catslappers (kattemeppers). Chrissy is of course the English translation of Kristel, the female singer of the band.

Catslappin' Chrissy takes you back to the wonderful days of the roarin' 50s. On their playlist you'll find lots of stompin' rockabilly and rock 'n' roll (think janis Martin, Collins Kids, Wanda Jackson, Johnny Burnette) but also some up-tempo country, western swing and smokin' blues. They are also putting a lot of effort in writing and producing their own songs. The first results can be found on the demo CD. "Bop Stop" is a sparkling rockabilly song with a groovy slapping bass and beautiful lead vocals by Kristel. "Every Day Of My Life" with it's driving rhyhtm and cool lead breaks has a mail vocalist, so that would be Martijn or Charles. Also on the demo are hot rocking renditions of The Collins Kids ever great fast rocker "Mercy" and Janis Martin's "Drugstore Rock 'n' Roll".

The bandmembers:
Kristel Seijkens - Lead Vocals
Michel Van den Bosch - Guitar
Martijn Van Nimwegen - Double Bass, Vocals
Charles Verrijt - Drums, Vocals

Contact & bookings: 

Phone1: +32 473934239 (Belgium)
Phone2: +31 622234397 (Netherlands)

Courtesy of Catslappin' Chrissy, 2004