The Cadillac Hitmen, Tri-State Killing Spree
The Cadillac HitmenTri-State Killing Spree

Three guys with no past and a gal with no future playing the instrumental soundtrack to their lives... Sounds like heartache and loneliness mixed with tumbleweeds, warm beer and a fistfull of amphetamines blasting from the speakers in your '68 Eldorado as you're tearing through the desert at 90 plus with hot wind in your hair and dust in your teeth...

They are The Cadillac Hitmen...

Steve Toland rides the drum kit like the seasoned veteran that he is. A member of the Hellions, his list of former bands and studio projects can be found on page 321 of the Guiness Book Of Records. Steve's beats have been sampled by metronome makers to improve their timekeeping.

Jeff Morris can be seen squeezing sound out of his Gretsch 6120 guitar at hitmen gigs. He's been performing in the area for more than 10 years and still hasn't had enough. His style is reverb drenched stiletto guitar dipped in 5 alarm chili washed down with a double Cuervo Gold. Tasty!

Robert Garceau slings his old Gibson SG like a machine gun, and it's just as deadly. Not one to be called a poseur, Robert lives up to the band's name with his tricked out Coupe Deville and the rumor that he's killed at least 13 men (he claims 11 of 'em deserved it). His style reminds you of why you just couldn't put those old Link Wray albums down. Robert is also a member of the Hellions.

Tina Marconi wields the fender fretless Bass and Colt .45s. Longtime Portsmouth scene maker and member of Play Hahd Records hardest rockin' band, The Hellions. Her style is rock solid, big bottom rhythm.

- The Assassin (Hellhouse CD1, 1997)
- Tri-State Killing Spree (Broken White BW-6005, 1999)

Brian Parrish (The Instro Planet) wrote:
Instrumental rock, like any form of music, has to progress to survive. You'll find that any "surf" band nowadays is either still caught in 1962-era surf music (the "Trad" or traditional sound) or is trying to push the envelope. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the 1960's stuff, but I prefer Instro Rock that's modern and reflects modern times. Instro music really has little to do with surf culture these days. If every band is trying to copy the Astronauts, Dick Dale, the Surfaris or Lively Ones, nothing new or unique develops. I like bands like The Cadillac Hitmen, Sandblasters, Hypnomen, Mermen, etc. because they take the classic, twangy guitar sound and make it better, while never losing the essence of the music. It's great to be a part of such a revolutionary album as "Tri-state Killing Spree". (Brian Parrish designed and photographed the album cover of "Tri-State")

The Cadillac Hitmen
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Also available: The Assassin

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