Runaway Girl, Buzz Campbell & Hot Rod Lincoln

Press release:
Runaway Girl is the latest release from Buzz Campbell & Hot Rod Lincoln. It is a wonderful collection of rockabilly, rock and roll, old school ballads, and roots country music. Itís colorful 50ís pin-up girl art (Bernie Dexter) adds a little eye-candy to this already delightful sounding musical compilation. From up-tempo rockabilly rockers like "Too Drunk to Drive", and "Invasion from Mars" to tasty ballads like "Blue" and "Maybe", this collection of original music is by far the best CD that the long time retro-rock and rollers have yet to release.

Buzz Campbell & Hot Rod Lincoln have been playing together for the last 15 years and have worked with such artists as the Stray Cats, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Chris Isaac, Willie Nelson, Shanana, and numerous others. Check out this brand new, old-school rock and roll CD from Buzz Campbell & Hot Rod Lincoln, and you hear why this timeless music is hear to stay...

Too Drunk To Drive / You're Gonna Lose / Runaway Girl / Walk Away / Joints Gonna Jump / Blue / Words By Heart / Invasion From Mars / Blue Moon Nights / 18 Miles From Memphis / Maybe / Queen Of Hearts / Betty Page / Isabelle / I Only Go Out When It Rains

Hot Rod Lincoln are:
Buzz Campbell - Vocals, Guitar
Ty Cox - Vocals, Drums
Tim Butler - Vocals, Bass

Contact information:
Buzz Campbell
44770 Rutherford
St. Temecula, CA.
Phone: +1 619 454 6000 

Information provided by Buzz Campbell, 2006