Bourbon Boys, Hail to the Chief

Sweden's own country rock act, Bourbon Boys, has announced an October 18, 2013 worldwide release date for Hail to the Chief, the band's sophomore album, available on Despotz Records. The first single from the new record, "Don't Tread on Me," is now available on iTunes.

Commented frontman, Hulkoff, "Howdy! I am very proud to be able to present the first cut from the upcoming Bourbon Boys album ‘Hail to the Chief.' ‘Don't Tread on Me' is a true country rock anthem that represents the spirit of the pissed off underdog, and I am convinced that it'll blow many a loudspeaker in tractors, pickup-trucks, custom cars and honky-tonks. Rock on brothers and sisters!"

Hail to the Chief was recorded, mixed and produced by the band's own Jonas Kjellgren at his Black Lounge Studios. A music video for "Don't Tread on Me" will premiere in the coming weeks.

Bourbon Boys released its debut album Shotguns, Trucks and Cattle last year along with a music video for the track, "Hillbilly Heart," which has since counted nearly 200,000 views on YouTube. Check out "Hillbilly Heart" on online at:

Bourbon Boys online:

Bourbon Boys are:
Hulkoff - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Jonas Kjellgren - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Kenneth Seil - Bass, Backing Vocals
Matt Buffalo - Drums & Percussion

Bourbon Boys biography:
It all started out well over a decade ago. I was a young, ambitious man, sitting in a small cottage out in the woods and makin' my living working on my old man's farm (when I probably should've been in school) and playing my guitar til' my fingers bled every night. With all the young man's notions of the rock'n'roll dream, I wrote rocking songs the way I wanted 'em to sound. A little touch of heartland rock, some rockabilly, a bit of blues rock and a whole lot of Country and southern rock was the recipe back then, and I still find it quite tasty.

I recruited two brothers to accompany my vision, and I named the concoction "Bourbon Boys". We recorded numerous demos of various quality, more often than not of the lower kind. We did not tour, hell, we didn't do more than a handful of gigs throughout the whole time and mainly because of the somewhat non existing live scene at the time being. We were offered record deals and tours, but I turned it all down. I was at the wrong place in life at the time, and thus I put Bourbon Boys on ice.

I could however never let go of these songs I wrote, and the name and concept of a band that would rock the world and represent the true spirit of the rural rebel. And as my own musical career took off to new heights with the success I experienced performing in a hard rock band, I started talking to colleague and drummer extraordinaire Mr. Matt Buffalo about reviving Bourbon Boys.

Eventually he came around, and during a rather rough drinking session we recruited world-class guitarist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jonas Kjellgren and the outstanding bass-virtuoso Kenneth Seil to the team. I had reworked a lot of the old tunes, and written a handful of new ones, so the hardest challenge we encountered when entering the studio was to decide which tracks that would be left out. Under Mr. Kjellgrens skilled supervision, we recorded 15 grooving tracks, of which twelve made it to the final cut.

The tunes represent the true spirit of the country-raised, bourbon sippin' and guitar pickin' rock'n'roller. I am very pleased with the sound and performances featured on the album, where Kjellgren's bluesy guitar tone and style meet my southern flavoured rollicking chicken-pickin'. Kenneth's heavy-bottomed bass grooves amplifies Mr. Buffalo's train steady battering and the true nature of these rock songs has come to life.

In 2012, we debuted as a live act, and the festival tour put us in front of incredible audiences (thousands strong). The video we made for Hillbilly Heart has passed 120.000 views, and, believe it or not, no promotion was made for it. Things look good for now and we are all looking forward to the release of our new album and the extensive touring that awaits us in 2013!

The world needs rock'n'roll, and we’re here to provide it!

Sincerely, //Hulkoff, November 2012

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