Boppin' Pete & The Big Bang, What's in a Name?

Finnish Boppin' Pete (born Pete Näsman in 1964) started playing piano at age of 5, but he soon changed to guitar. He formed his first band, named "Little Angelo & His Hula Rockers, in 1978. Only a week later he renamed the band to "Sonny Boy Horton & Lonesome Drifters". The band performed at high school parties. Pete appearently likes to chnege names, because soon after the band was renamed again to "Boppin' Pete & His Lonesome Drifters".

1981 Johnny Flight (founder of Rebel label) saw the band playing in a qualifying round of Rock-King Games and offered them a recording contract. The bandname was in changed again to "Boppin' Pete & Texas Rangers" and they recorded their first EP for the Rebel label. Believe it or not, in 1981 the name changed again to the mucg shorter "Boppin' Pete Trio". Under that name the band recorded their debut LP "Raining and Storming", an superb album that put Pete's name on the map.

The band was well known for their furious live acts, for example in Sweden at Skara 1981 at the local American Car Show they got 13 encores in one go! Johnny Flight got enough of the monkey business in 1984 and moved 500 hundred kilometers up north. The rockabilly fever was over in Finland at that time, the next big thing in music was "new wave". And Pete went into the military service for nine months.

In late eighties till the end of century Pete did quite a lot of gigs with different line-ups. Johnny Flight came back from the outback in 1992 and soon he and Pete started to think doing the records again, but the Finnish langueage rock-experiment failed. In 1999 Pete and Johnny decided to build their own homestudio and start their own label "The Fool Music".

Pete formed a new band with his old drummer, the combo was now called "Boppin' Pete & Holy Big Bang", later changed to "Boppin' Pete & The Big Bang". The band recorded a 4 song EP called "Symphony no 451 in F-flat" in 2001 as a test for their own living room studio & label. The EP's opening track "Phoenix" was written as a tribute to famous author Ray Bradbury and his book "Farenheit 451". In 2002 the band recorded a new CD titled "Thunder Moon". Four tracks from the album were also released as an EP "Thunder Moon, A Little Bit Of History Repeating".

After 25 years on the rockin' scene, Boppin' Pete & Johnny Flight are still a force to reckon with. They write most of their material themselves, and their latest roots music project "Thunder Moon", with a mix of rockabilly and rhythm & blues, contains only originals written by the duo. And Pete's voice is still something else...

Boppin' Pete & The Big Bang are:
Pete - Vocals, Guitars, Piano, Organ
Peevo - Guitars, Pedal Steel
Archie - Drums
Smöde - Bass

Contact information:
Management by Johnny Flight
Phone: +358 (0)50 337 4450 

Biographical info by Boppin' Pete, used with permission